URGENT: #Forzathon This Can Go Faster challenge is UNOBTAINBLE! Expires in a week!

The challenge #Forzathon This Can Go Faster
Perform 20 Speed Skills in a Buggy to win 2 Wheelspins
Starts 12/15/2017
Ends 12/22/2017
0.00% of gamers unlocked this (currently unobtainable)

This is glitched and doesn’t track any progress at all, even using all the Buggies in the game.



It is happening to me as well none of the cars.

Having the same issue
First time ever having an issue with a forzathon
Have you tried dvery buggy yet to see if any register…i never had time

Probably should have posted on the support section though
Maybe try contacting them on twitter too

Same problem here. I did send them a tweet too. Hopefully it’s resolved soon.

I am having the same issue if there are any suggestions I would love to hear them.

Yes I’ve tried all buggies in the game.
I’ve even gone as far as getting Ultimate Speed skills in a buggy which I could only do on the Hotwheels boost areas.

Seems nothing works, we need the devs to take notice.

I have the same issue. Please fix this asap.

not sure about it being urgent tho’


I only say this because there is an expiration date of a week from now. So we sort of need a fix for it before the end date. Seeing as how there are other challenges planned for future weeks, I don’t know how they would be able to extend or re-list this one.

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I have the same issue. Please fix if you do not mind!

Does someone know how to contact them on twitter
Probably more noticeable that way

Same problem here. Guess everyone is affected?
I used the Nomad with no problems getting the others to pop.

Let’s fix this yes?

Anyone tried other skills related to speed other than “speed skills”?

Well, the ForzaMotorsport twitter has tweeted that they are aware of the issue and working on a fix, when it goes live they will update us further.

That’s a relief and thanks to those at Turn10, Playground, etc. for helping.
They always seem to pull through for us when these achievement glitch problems arise.

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There have been a few problems with forzathons in the past. T10 are usually pretty fast to fix them though. Keep tabs on the achievement tracker. It will start updating when the problem has been fixed. I use this to check my forzathon progress in both FH3 and FM7. It seems to be more reliable than the in-game trackers. 1 speed skill will equal 5% progress and the gamers unlocked this should bump up to 0.01%

May need to do the speed skills again though. That’s usually the case with a bung forzathon challenge.

Worked for me first time using the 2015 Alumi Craft Class 10 on blizzard mountain, just a few minutes ago.

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Yep this is definitely working using the alumi craft buggy
I just completed it in byron bay

Also used the ariel atom…riprod…penhall cholla…all working

I just tried this achievement for the first time and I concur this vehicle does cause the achievement to pop. I have collected the prize.

Can a moderator update the thread title to [FIXED] please?

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Seems the bugs gone or its been fixed wifes just unlocked it using the razor buggie