Cannot compete “Timeless Looks”

Obvs another thing players WONT be completing this week because it doesn’t register.

Well done PGG.

I had no problem to complete the weekly challenge at all. Had done pictures of all cars including the FE Ford 32’ Coupe a week before. Some workaround should be to do something other first (take a picture of a different porsche or do one of the seasonal stunts).

For me the weekly forzathon challenge didn’t hold any problems.

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Reading few forum posts and it worked for me:

Maybe could also work for you.

Didn’t help.
Didn’t work.

If anybody is still struggling with this bug. Solutions mentioned in this post did not allow me to proceed. I did three things to get it to count the photo and I’m not sure which one triggered it so try all three. 1) entered the photo mode through the Forza Vista link and then pressing Y instead of controller shortcut (up on D-Pad). Then, after taking the picture hit A instead of B (which was how I was previously exiting from photo mode), which will bring you to a screen where you can save. Save the photo. 3) I titled the photo 2019 911 S. My guess is that number 2 was the deciding factor but I can’t be sure. Hope this helps

I’m sorry it didn’t work for you.

Did you try any other solution posted on forum: like restarting, taking photo of another car first?

Here is also somebody else solution: