ForzaRC 2018 Series 2 - Round 2

Round 2: July 22 - August 4

Be sure to read the tournament operations update published July 5:

  • Series 2 Qualifier Rivals are now 48-hour events Monday-Tuesday UTC.
  • Series 2 Playoff invites will be based on Series 2 points only, for the top 36.
  • Forza Racing World Championship invites will be based on total Season points.
  • New Series and Season leaderboards, with updates before Saturday Ghost races
  • Important note about gamertag changes

Drivers must register to participate - see the link in the “About” section at which takes you to - be sure to read the FAQ and Terms & Conditions. Also download and read the Rules. Note that an Xbox One console is required.

FORZARC LINKS - with link to Registration (required to participate), Schedule (Competition and Broadcast), News, Rules/Handbook, email for ForzaRC Questions, Leaderboards, Social Media. - Registration site with FAQ, Terms, Rules, and Scheduled race times.
Forza Racing Championship is on Facebook Gaming
Forza Racing Championship
Forza Racing Championship - YouTube - VODs


The events in each round are sequential in progression: everyone sets a time in the Rivals Qualifier, from which the top drivers by Region are seeded into Saturday Ghost race lobbies, from which the top drivers move on to Sunday Heats race lobbies (with Collisions On), from which the top drivers move on to Wednesday Showdown race lobbies (which are broadcast live). A Booster Rivals event will open after the Wednesday Showdown.

Log in at to see a chart of times for races by Region.

  • Qualifier Rivals: July 23-24
  • Saturday Ghosts: July 28
  • Sunday Heats: July 29
  • Wednesday Showdown: August 1 (with live broadcasts at Noon and 6pm Pacific)
  • Booster Rivals: August 2-4

Car and Track combos are listed in the Handbook:
Qualifier Rivals: 1989 Audi #4 Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO at Virginia International Raceway Full
Saturday Ghosts:

  • 1989 Audi #4 Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO at Virginia International Raceway Full
  • 1982 Lancia 037 Stradale at Homestead Road Circuit Alt
  • 1987 Porsche 959 at Lime Rock South Chicane

Nice, hopefully I can get passed the Sunday Heats this week.

Luck of the draw. Sometimes you’ll get 4-5 guys who normally place that high on Wednesday in your heat.

Good luck.

I’ve been trying to click “register” for about 3 weeks, all it does is take me to a leaderboard. Has anyone else experienced this?
I have a Gfinity account, linked to XBL. I’m running these LBs. Nothing’s happening.

All I had to do was link my GT to my Gfinity account. May need to contact them and ask whats going on.

@ goose
Just after I posted this they got back to me. Apparently if you qual you show up afterward. It’s just weird because when you click register, there’s no “hey you’re in” message. so… crisis averted i suppose. lol

Good to hear.

Being a first timer - what happens after you qualify? Do I just need to be online during the time of the ghost races?

be online and youll get an invite from the host of the race. then just wait for them to set it up and begin racing.

Check gfinity site first once the brackets are posted. Often times the host is a random Xbox generated gamertag. Usually a few hours if not Friday, you’ll know who the lobby host will be.

Make sure in you Xbox settings that you can allow game invites. There have been issues with this. Usually the host will send you a friend request before inviting you. Make sure you add them back.

Hard reset your Xbox a couple hours before you play. This should prevent issues of not being able to join.

The race will start 10 minutes after scheduled start time. You’ll get a game invite anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes before scheduled start time. So yes you could be waiting for up to 30 minutes.

Practice the other cars for Saturday. Trust me in that many people don’t practice much and it’s not uncommon to move on to Sunday by virtue of no mistakes and solid lap times. There are some folks who are error prone despite being wicked fast on rivals. I’ve moved on to top 24 by driving smooth, lost out because of minimal practice, lost out by a handful of points only because of minor errors, and even tied for the last top 24 spot but missed out due to tie breakers. Only once did I qualify via rivals top 24 in my division before weekend races. I’ve seen people qualify below top 50 in their division and still move on.

Also as FYI. If you are in my lobby, I will most likely not be playing this Saturday. Buying a new car instead:)

Thank you both for the replies. That clarifies a lot!

Good luck on that new car purchase Swerve!

I have to miss this weekend of races too. Plans were made for this coming weekend moths ago, sucks being a adult with kids sometime lol. Time to practice for the booster for this round.

hey guys I have a couple of question,

so I qualified as the last driver (number 1000) for series 2 round 2 (yippee). there is a first time for everything, it seems.

today I found my gamer tag in NA, but I cannot find myself in Brackets.

Do I get to race the ghost races Saturday at 1030a PDT? Do I just show up online?

what does top 1000 qualify me for?


To race Saturday you have to be in the top 120 in North America. If you were listed in a bracket you would get an invite about 10 minutes before the race time from the lobby host(the GT of the host is usually posted on the brackets the day before the race. I don’t see your GT in the brackets either. Either you were not top 120 in NA or not registered through the FRC/ gfinity page.

Not sure what the top 1000 qualifies for, maybe points bonuses?

Top 1000 is the minimum to earn points and that’s about it. It’s either 50 or 100 points. Can’t recall. Top 120 in North America qualifying earns anywhere from the 900s to 800s in points by comparison. The points earned is relative to your overall placement in the world.

Thanks Goose!

You are welcome.

Thanks Swerve!

That clears it up for me. It also explains my abysmal score.

August 1 Wednesday Showdown streams today at Noon and 6pm Pacific

Watch at to complete Quests and earn these rewards in FM7:

“Check out the #ForzaRC EMEA Series 2 Round 2 Final Leaderboard. Well done drivers!”

VOD: Forza Racing Championship is on Facebook Gaming

“Check out the NA Leaderboard after #ForzaRC Series 2 Round 2!”

VOD: Forza Racing Championship is on Facebook Gaming