ForzaRC 2018 Series 2 - Round 1

Series 2 has begun, leading up to the Playoffs live in Mexico City, September 29-30.

Be sure to read the tournament operations update published July 5:

  • Series 2 Qualifier Rivals are now 48-hour events Monday-Tuesday UTC.
  • Series 2 Playoff invites will be based on Series 2 points only, for the top 36.
  • Forza Racing World Championship invites will be based on total Season points.
  • New Series and Season leaderboards, with updates before Saturday Ghost races
  • Important note about gamertag changes

Drivers must register to participate - see the link in the “About” section at which takes you to - be sure to read the FAQ and Terms & Conditions. Also download and read the Rules. Note that an Xbox One console is required.

FORZARC LINKS - with link to Registration (required to participate), Schedule (Competition and Broadcast), News, Rules/Handbook, email for ForzaRC Questions, Leaderboards, Social Media. - Registration site with FAQ, Terms, Rules, and Scheduled race times.
Forza Racing Championship is on Facebook Gaming
Forza Racing Championship
Forza Racing Championship - YouTube - VODs


The events in each round are sequential in progression: everyone sets a time in the Rivals Qualifier, from which the top drivers by Region are seeded into Saturday Ghost race lobbies, from which the top drivers move on to Sunday Heats race lobbies (with Collisions On), from which the top drivers move on to Wednesday Showdown race lobbies (which are broadcast live). A Booster Rivals event will open after the Wednesday Showdown.

Log in at to see a chart of times for races by Region. “Check back at this Friday for Driver-specific race start times and lobby host details.”

  • Qualifier Rivals: July 9-10
  • Saturday Ghosts: July 14
  • Sunday Heats: July 15
  • Wednesday Showdown: July 18 (with live broadcasts at Noon and 6pm Pacific)
  • Booster Rivals: July 19-21

ForzaRC 2018 Series 2 - Qualifier 1

  • Model = Dodge Challenger '70, Rental/Stock Only
  • Restrictions = No Line/STM/TCS/FA, Braking: ABS On or ABS Off, Steering: Normal or Sim
  • Track = Road Atlanta Day
    This event opened at 5pm Pacific July 8 and will close at 5pm Pacific July 10 (Monday & Tuesday UTC) with the global leaderboard used for seeding regional Saturday Ghost races. This event is under Single Player > Rivals > ForzaRC menu.

“Must be registered to compete for ForzaRC. All participants will earn in-game reward(s).” TBA

When will the handbook be updated to include the car/track combos for the ghost races and heats? It still only lists the Series 1 combos.

I don’t see why this would matter so much for the general non-pro user. Unless there’s something I’m missing.

My point would be that if someone on PC is using a controller just like they would on Xbox (As wheel use generally means slower lap times) then surely it’s just the same as using the Xbox, albeit with more FPS if you have a decent PC.

I personally have both a PC & Xbox but I tend to play on PC specifically.

Car and Track combos are listed at

July 9-10

Rivals Qualifier 1
1970 Dodge Challenger R/T at Road Atlanta Full Circuit

July 14

Ghost Races 1
1970 Dodge Challenger R/T at Road Atlanta Full Circuit (6 laps)
1976 Lotus #5 Team Lotus 77 at Circuit De Catalunya Grand Prix Circuit (6 laps)
1965 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe at Long Beach Full Circuit (7 laps)

July 15

Sunday Heats 1
1970 Dodge Challenger R/T at Road Atlanta Full Circuit (8 laps)
1976 McLaren #11 Team McLaren M23 at Circuit De Catalunya Grand Prix Circuit (8 laps)
1975 BMW #25 BMW Motorsport 3.0 CSL At Road America Full Circuit Alt (6 laps)

July 18

Wednesday Showdown 1

Race 1:
1970 Dodge Challenger R/T (8 laps)
Track Voting Options:
Road Atlanta Full Circuit
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Grand Prix Circuit

Race 2:
At Circuit De Catalunya Grand Prix Circuit (8 laps)
Car Voting Options:
1976 McLaren #11 Team McLaren M23
1976 Lotus #5 Team Lotus 77

Race 3:
At At Road America Full Circuit Alt
Car Voting Options:
1975 BMW #25 BMW Motorsport 3.0 CSL (6 laps)
1969 Lola #10 Simoniz Special T163 (7 laps)

July 19-21

Rivals Booster 1

1969 Lola #6 Penske Sunoco T70 MkIIIB At Dubai City Circuit

these types of cars are my kryptonite, no matter how I tackle each turn I cant keep it stable enough to prevent losing speed. the best I have managed is 1:42.6 and I know I need to knock of at least another second to make the weekend races. this will probably be the first week I don’t qualify.

Looks like I’m done. For whatever reason i thought rivals started today. Oh well. This would have been a rivals event that I should do very well. Muscle cars + road Atlanta = fast times for me.

Looks like I’ll bow out of the competition. No point in continuing since missing one qualifying rivals is a huge loss.

I haven´t managed to qualify for the weekend races at all but am still in, just for the fun of it and having fun, unless you are fast enough to reach the finals and do your best against the TOP drivers I would continue for the fun of it if I were you

I’m not quick enough to place in finals, but can reach top 24 in weekend races if the cars suit me or if I practice.

Fun for me is seeing where I end up overall with what time I do have to play and max effort. I missed one week so that ends that experiment.

To be fair, I’ll probably still try some of these rivals if I remember or if I really dig the car selected but grinding lap times won’t happen. That’s what I mean about bowing out. No longer will I be chasing top 24 qualifying spots or every point possible.

Lately fun for me has been Horizon 2 and chasing achievements.

well I don’t understand why, but somehow I qualified for the weekend races. I wont do well though cause I didn’t practice last night. ill still do my best.

Guys, when (what date) will they announce the cars and tracks for Round 2?

Never git a chance to do the obe to get the two reward cars as rivials wasnt working which was,a bit off a pain

Round 1 Wednesday livestreams

[EMEA drivers at Noon Pacific:

North American drivers at 6pm Pacific:


Quest rewards for viewers at

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If you missed the EMEA show you can still earn this 1970 Dodge Challenger with “Summer Forza Days” a Quest reward from the 6pm Pacific show.

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Wednesday Showdown: EMEA

VOD: ForzaRC Series 2 Round 1 - EMEA - YouTube

Wednesday Showdown: NA

VOD: Twitch

ForzaRC Round 1 Booster Rivals

  • Deadline: July 21 at 5pm Pacific (midnight UTC)
  • Link: Forum discussion |
  • Overview: Navigate to Single Player > Rivals > ForzaRC. Set your fastest time. Registered drivers may earn extra points for the Season leaderboard. All participants earn an in-game reward (TBA).

Was there a deadline in order to register for competing & having a leaderboard score? Also, if you’re registered but missed a sign up deadline &/or have an account on ForzaRC/ Gfinity do you still at least earn in game rewards for participating in the ForzaRC Rivals events?

I’d love a MONTE Carlo FE have yet to get one been unlucky when it comes to this one was gifted out a while back but never received one cause wasn’t aware it was for taking part in forzarc event I missed out on