ForzaRC 2018 Series 1 - Weeks 5 & 6 (Round 3)

An overview of the third round (Weeks 5 & 6) of Series 1 in the Forza Racing Championship 2018:

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  • Drivers must register to participate - see the link in the “About” section at which takes you to - be sure to read the FAQ and Terms & Conditions. Also download and read the Rules. Note that an Xbox One console is required.
  • The events in Weeks 5 & 6 are sequential in progression: everyone sets a time in the Rivals Qualifier, from which the top drivers by Region are seeded into Saturday Ghost race lobbies, from which the top drivers move on to Sunday Heats race lobbies (with Collisions On), from which the top drivers move on to Wednesday Showdown race lobbies (which are broadcast live). A second Booster Rivals event will open after the Wednesday Showdown.
  • Drivers earn points with each event, which are used for global ranking. The online Leaderboards will be updated after Booster Rivals.
  • Following Week 7’s events at the end of May, the top Leaderboard drivers will be invited to compete at the Series 1 Playoffs live event in Seattle June 16th-17th for a prize pool of $75,000.


Log in at to see a chart of times for races by Region. “Check back at this Friday for Driver-specific race start times and lobby host details.”

  • Qualifier Rivals: April 29 - May 2 (start/end at 5pm Pacific)
  • Saturday Ghosts: May 5
  • Sunday Heats: May 6
  • Wednesday Showdown: May 9 (with live broadcasts at noon and 6pm Pacific)
  • Booster Rivals: May 9-12 (start/end at 5pm Pacific)

Rivals: ForzaRC 2018 Qualifier 3

  • Deadline: May 2 at 5pm Pacific
  • Link:
  • Overview: Navigate to the Single Player > Rivals > ForzaRC menu and set your best time in the Qualifier 3 Rivals event. Times in this event will determine eligibility for the ForzaRC Saturday Ghost multiplayer lobbies, Sunday Heats, and Wednesday Showdowns. You must be registered via the site linked at to compete in ForzaRC. “All participants will earn in-game reward(s).”

Model = 2017 Chevrolet #2 Team Penske IndyCar
Track = Sonoma Full Day

Just venting that I don’t like using open wheel cars with a controller. There I said it. I am finding it easier to drive this car from the driver’s perspective, though.

Ditto on the first person for the qualifier, also found it very helpful to turn steering to simulation as the car turns in much easier, that does make it considerably harder to control a slide though … Ended with a 1:18.143 as my fastest, so disheartening that quialifies for ghost races in both Asia and Oceania (Top 10 time on asia pacific leaderboards) but I dont qualify to EMEA … Going from top 400 to top 120 sadly means playrs at my level will never qualify to the ghost races … 400 was doable with lots of gring but top 120 in EMEA seems impossible …


EMEA needs a divorce.

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Wow, NA is pretty slow! I made the cut with a 119.6. Not sure if the geographical grouping is for connectivity/lag issues, but maybe they could have one ‘Wildcard’ group for the faster qualifiers that don’t make the geographic cut.

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Good going man, hope you enjoy the 3 races are super interesting especially the Mugello one … The next series have the best linup with an LMP and an Indy race at Indianapolis, really hope I make the cut for that one …

At the end of the day really making the ghost races wont give you any points, but its a damn nice experience to be racing in an exclusive private lobby with the best in the world … I’ll keep the grind just to see where I stack up in the end …

Next week is the worse lineup because of lmp to me. I prefer lower class cars as I’m better in those things haha. Indy at brickyard does sound fun though. Definite upset potential there.

NA isn’t slow per say. It’s more of a lot of the fast guys don’t even bother to try. I personally know 3 that could easily place top 50 in the world with little effort. There are a bunch of others but for whatever reason there is little effort. Since the beginning, turnout from NA players hasn’t been great. It’s even worse for Australian and New Zealand players. There’s a bunch of fast guys but like only 5 show up.

However by in large, Europe is the fastest. The amount of great gamers that play Forza is large.

From past experience, a lot of the better gamers play Forza if the country has a huge following for F1, LeMans, and other highly regarded racing series. The US is not one of those countries courtesy of NASCAR.

EMEA is grossly unbalanced. England and France should be their own regions IMO.

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So are we racing at Sonoma full or GP? Site says GP but normally the race is the same as qualification track.

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I noticed this to. Does anyone know if its Sonoma Full or GP for the ghost races?

Looks like i’ve been drawn into a tough group for tomorrow with the likes of Rossi, Bowkett, Seven and many others. Im not expecting much apart from wanting to make sure I don’t embarrass myself.

Thankfully during the qualifier I never used sim steering or engine braked so I don’t have to worry about sim damage being enabled. The Chevy Super sport is tough going around Mugello as im hovering around the 2.08/2.09. Im sure the likes of Laige will be doing something silly like a 2.06!

2:08 and 2:09 is fast. I’m at a high 2:10 to low 2:11. Pretty sure the last corner is dropping my time a good bit. I’ll have to try again with my new controller. My old controller doesn’t feel as responsive as I think it should be.

Camaro is definitely tricky but not too bad. With the lines down it’s pretty fun.

i noticed when practicing today the cars other than the indy car are locked,. thankfully I have the Honda, but I was curious if you can rent cars in multiplayer. I don’t play multiplayer except when competing so I am not familiar with the UI

I’m not liking the 2016 Camaro at Mugello. Handles like a boat, It’s terrible. My best so far is a 2:13.442

Agreed. It’s tricky and easy to over drive. When you hit the sweet spot and not upset it via weight shifts it’s not too bad around most of the track. Looking more like this is the curveball selection. The potential for mistakes is high and there’s not enough laps to really make a comeback.

The Honda civic is pretty awesome at VIR however. That was a solid track and car choice.

Yeah I’m liking the Honda Civic at VIR too. Currently running a 1:41.518 so far.

are you sure you’re running it stock? the best I could manage is 1:48.0xx and that was hitting all the turns at what I thought was a decent speed.

I just double checked and yes I’m running the car stock. I’ve now managed a 1:41.293

You’re either using an homologated car or the wrong civic. That time is literally over a second faster than laige and 2 seconds faster than the other top 50 elite guys.

The top 10 faster guys are running high 1:42s. The elite are running 1:43s. I’m running low 1:45s with splits of mid 1:44s.

And with allergies a 1:46 flat. Blah. Hope this clears by 2.