#ForzaFriday Community Streams Sign-up 6/3/15

During today’s #ForzaFriday livestream, I mentioned that we wouldn’t be broadcasting our regular FF show on July 3, as we’ll be taking time off for the Fourth of July weekend. That said, I did offer up some Twitter promotion to those Forza livestreamers that want to “take our place” during that day. If you like to stream Forza on Twitch and want to be considered for promotion, let me know in this thread. Please share your Twitch handle in your reply, so I can take a look at your channel beforehand, and let me know what time (PDT) you’d like to broadcast.

Ideally we’d get a list of shows to promote that don’t necessarily overlap with one another. Let’s see what we can put together!


Just dropping by to throw in a #ForzaCasualFriday

I am up for it. A11eyesONME23 is my twitch user name. I can broadcast from 5 est to 6:30.

I’ll be streaming at my usual times, 2pm EST and 10pm EST :). Twitch

Well I never heard anything from meckberg but I’m on twitch now if anyone wants to play or watch f5

Thanks to all of you that showed up and played. Sorry my mic didn’t work