[Live] Forza Fridays with Chef ESB and The Diner Crew on Twitch/Youtube at 7PM EST

Hello this is Oliver023! I am a moderator for a good friend of mine Chef ESB on Twitch and youtube now… He is a variety streamer in hopes of bringing Forza Fridays back and I had an idea to get a thread going to help out. He has been a great friend of mine for 2 years+ and we have built an awesome community together (The Kitchen). We are bringing back Forza Fridays where we will work on seasonals together, chilling, drifting, helping others and and many many more. Feel free to stop by!!

I do have to say some of our language makes it 18+ so please keep that in mind.

Going Live today on Youtube at approximately 7PM EST Tonight (about 9 hours from now). Feel free to stop by!

The Stream has concluded Special thanks for everyone who had shown up <3 it means a ton

Replay of Last Stream:

Going live in about 30 minutes (7 PM Est) on Youtube feel free to stop by and jpin the shenanigans!!

Going Live On Youtube in about 2 and a half hours (7PM Est) as usual. Feel free to join us for the seasonal shenanigans.

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You are a Legend bud!

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Forza Fridays has concluded for the night! Thank you to all who have joined us! Special thanks to @Chef_ESB for hosting another awesome stream as well as @SlowJournalist, @NohanHy , @Rally_Ranger, and @nilsnuvolari for joining in on the shenaniigans!

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