Forza Through The Years, A Graphical Comparison

Used an R34 GT-R and Mazda Laguna Seca as I knew they would appear in every game. Also show off damage modeling for each game, and all camera angles.

Recorded at 1080P/60FPS/40Mbps. Ill upload the video if requested so you can see it without youtube compressing it down to ~15Mbps.

Fun Fact, the R34 GTR is B class in 1 and 2, then C in 3, then A in 4, then back to B.

EDIT: New video, first was copyright claimed due to in game music. Remade it, and also added a best of Original Xbox → Xbox 360 → Xbox One at the end of it.


Awesome video, thanks! Really cool to see the graphical upgrades and the damage differences over the years.

Video is back up, YouTube seemed to be having issues earlier. Had to upload three times. I recorded 1080P/60, but YouTube is only showing regular 1080P at the moment. Don’t know if it messed up, or what, but for a visual comparison, it shouldn’t matter.

Now its showing me 720P/60FPS, so probably need to give it some time to get the 1080P/60FPS setting up.

Interesting to see paint rub off onto the walls in FM1.

And, wow, looking back at FM4s brightness, no wonder people wore sunglasses playing that game. Sheesh!

Good vid, thanks for making it!

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Yeah I was surprised by that too.

I also find it funny (and true) that on the FM1 case, it says “Better Then Gran Turismo 4”. Imagine something like that being put on a case today lol.

Thanks for this