Forza series last call

I have played every Forza title, put 1000s of hours into the series and 1000s of dollars too. Bought every game, paid for all the DLCs, bought the games as gifts for my friends so I would have more people to play with online.
I’m a completionist when it comes to my garages, I try to get every single car in the game.
However I am about ready to quit this series and not look back.
-The removal of HUNDREDS of cars from fh4 to fh5 just to be drop Fed in as ‘new content’.
-So far with horizon 5 I have managed to acquire every car, even the controller hot rod and the nail polish gt. But now there is an Oreo Pagani that I am unable to acquire as I don’t live in Europe.
-this game was in development for 3 years, it’s been 1 year since launch, and it’s not even new, it’s pretty well just Forza horizon 4 with a new map, and yet still this game feels utterly unfinished a significant portion of the time I play it.
-the absolute lackadaisical effort put into the recent few series (fordzathon with no fords, their anniversary update with no new cars brought to the serie [just cars they removed to bring back in], the extreme e update which consisted of 10 identical cars for us to collect)
-the dlc1 was just a rehash of one of their previous DLCs rather than something original
-many things that have been stated on their streams are still to be implemented into the game, so many empty promises
-i could go on writing reasons why Im about ready to give up on this series for pages and pages

Gran Turismo 7 came out and they cut payouts so that you would have to grind for 20 hours to acquire enough money to buy the most expensive cars in the game, and made it so that you could purchase cars for as much as $40 for one car (which in gran Turismo sport could be purchase for a fifth of that price) - it was after this that I gave up on the Gran Turismo series. I’ve heard that it’s a lot better now and not as predatory but I refuse to pick that game up again on principle.
I will gladly cancel my pre-order for the new Forza Motorsport and never give Forza another cent of they don’t get better with their practices

This is my last call for the series, I will see what the next series has to offer and if it’s more of the same old bs that we have seen in the past months I will be done completely with this series, cancel my pre-order, and burn every bit of Forza product I have, and post the bloody video on here to spite you (stupid promo controller and all)

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Most of these empty promises and exaggerations on their live streams were done by Mike Brown (or following his example). Thus, I am willing to wait and see what will become of PGG after he left. I always had the impression that he was overly ambitious and wanted to achieve unrealistic goals. He did not keep in mind that they have to work with a game engine developed by another company and to deal with its limitations. Moreover, the QA department did an abysmal job or was ignored… But most importantly, he was not honest with the player base and never admitted shortcomings. Always in a fake good mood and “excited about what is to come”… As he left, he wrote something about wanting not to be restricted in game development and to take all the time it needs to finish the envisioned game. That confirmed my impression.
Now PGG need to fix and polish the mess he created, step by step. But they also need to replace a couple of key developers and to finish the 2nd expansion. That cannot be an easy task for a new game director.

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