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This is the place to discuss Forza Rewards for Forza Motorsport 4. If you are reporting some difficulty in logging in, redeeming, and collecting your rewards, please read through this thread for possible solutions. The best place to report problems is via email at If reporting here, please provide as much detail as possible about the steps you took before you got stuck.

Forza Rewards
Forza Rewards is a loyalty reward program based on your history with the Forza franchise. Your gamertag’s history of play in Forza 2, Forza 3, Forza 4, Forza Horizon, and Forza 5 is automatically reviewed to give you points toward a Tier. Each month, go to the Rewards page to redeem that month’s rewards based on your Tier, which are typically credits and may include cars or tokens. If you level up your Tier, you can go back and redeem the next tier’s rewards.

  • Go to - make sure you’re signed in.
  • Click on each game circle to review your progress and points needed to get to the next Tier.
  • Click on Redeem Now (upper right portion of the page), and on the rewards page, click Redeem.
  • Go to your game Message Center and check for a gift message.

Troubleshooting and Tips

  • If you get an error message when first going to the Forza Rewards page, click the Sign In in the upper right corner of the page and go to the rewards url again.
  • Rewards change each month, sometimes before the last day of the month. Previous month’s rewards are not retrievable if you have not redeemed them.
  • Redeemed rewards cannot be redeemed again if you restart your gamesave.

Is it me, or are the rewards getting worse as time passes by?

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turn 10 are a joke , they take fm3 cars and turn them into unicorn cars , how about them as gifts , credits i can earn in 15 mins to

I find it hard to complain about things that are free


whilst i agree that forza 5 is youre newest venture seing as you made a complete hash of it could you please fix the forza 4 sever issues?? thankyou

u realy think ill buy tokens wen i have the money to buy in game ?
guess im not gonna improve alot in tieres …


Thanks to T10 for the gifted Unicorns!!! You gotta love their reward system plus the new forums make it real easy to keep current with all of the opportunities to earn gifts. Big shoutout to ManteoMax for pointing to the opportunity and to johniwanna for providing the opportunity to earn the Uni’s.

Tier 6 Rewards for February: 150,000 credits

it is nice to get free stuff, but there is no incentive in the reward scheme, i went up a tier and the reward went down… next months reward is 50,000cr. i don’t have forza 5 but still have a blast every now and then on the rivals on 4, so i’m still putting some time into the game.

I hope they give out some more Unicorn cars in the future. Kinda getting bummed that only credits have been handed out the past few months.

My redeemed rewards says that I’ve redeemed 2002 Nissan MINE’S R34 Skyline GT-R but my ingame inbox is empty. Do these disappear somehow and how do I re-redeem it?

GT: cyllion
unicorn FM4: got none, read above.

They only sit in the inbox for about 30 days from the date you redeemed them on the Rewards site - and that car was last sent several months ago so it is gone and T10 do not replace them.

Yes, I was wondering about this too. For a Forza series that you do not own yet, say Forza 5, do the rewards accumulate as you redeem them month after month, so that when you finally get said Forza game (ie 5), you will have large stack of rewards waiting for you?

I somewhat tested the theory as I had been redeeming a few months already, but have not logged onto Forza 4. When I started it up, I could not tell if I had received any of the rewards yet, because I forgot how much in game credits I had prior. Then, I redeemed the current month’s (Feb.) rewards and saw a message shortly after granting me the February credit rewards.

I then bought Forza Horizon, made it far enough into the game where you start earning credits and unlock the message center only see Feb. credit rewards and nothing else that I had redeemed for the months prior.

Seems like it does not accumulate, waiting for you for when you first log into the game? I know this is the F4 forum, but does anyone happen to have Forza 5 that can verify the same thing? If so, that’s a major bummer. I think Turn 10 should allow them to accumulate, it’s more incentive and really makes for a real reward for the longtime faithful.

I would not expect them too accumulate - the 30 days has applied to FM4 and FH and would expect it to apply to FM5 too (will prevent backlogs building up and causing more problems).

Bummer. Well thanks for the info!

Has anyone else been experiencing non-delivery of rewards that are redeemed through the Forza Rewards center but does not appear when you log into Forza (X)? I have noticed that I have not received any of the last two Rewards (January or February) after redeeming them and then logging into my Forza 4 game. I do not have XBox One so I do not have a Forza 5 history nor do I own Forza Horizon.

Will they ever put unicorns back up for rewards?

We don’t know why they stoppped so hard to tell if they will start putting them back up as rewards again.

Rewards for March can now be redeemed. Tier 6 players will receive 150,000 credits.

Another reward that just contains money…