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Ive been playing forza since the original came out. just today learned of the rewards program.

can some one tell me how i can received unicorn cars from turn 10…

Thread stickied at the top of this forum.

Hi so about a week ago I was gifted a unicorn car (from the RVM thread) , unlocking the ‘Unicorn Hunter’ achievement, however whilst it shows as being unlocked in the forza 4 breakdown, the 10G has not added to my total Gamerscore earned. Any ideas on what to do to have it count?

Just wait it out - Rewards seems to run a number of days behind, depending on the category - DLC seems to take 24-48 hours, Miles/Passes 72+ hours … Achievements are quite variable.

Patience Grasshopper.


I’m trying to max my score on Forza rewards and the only thing I’m missing for Forza 4 is the tokens purchased. How/where would I go to purchase those in game?

You will get a prompt to buy tokens if you attempt to buy a car from the dealership with tokens, or you can go to the marketplace and there should be a spot on the left towards the bottom of the list for purchasing tokens.

Sorry for not being very specific, I never bothered memorizing the steps to purchase tokens because I never used them.

Just a quick question regarding Forza Reward tiers. At the moment I am at Tier 3 but hoping to reach Tier 4 in the near future. Recently I found Forza 2, the only game in the series which I did not own , and picked it up partly to complete the series, and partly to gain points to increase tier. With Horizon 2 coming out in a couple months or so, is it beneficial to make a push to raise my overall tier to 4 in advance of its release in order to maximize the profile transfer gains and monthly rewards when I begin the new game? Should I focus on FM4 and H1 as there may be more direct transfer of cars or profile points between games?


I’m not sure that it will affect any transfers between games, but the rewards you receive for each game will be bigger.

Hi all, I redeemed my latest set of rewards last night (only 30,000CR, not much) about 11PM BST, yet almost 12 hours later it hasn’t come through.

I’m not all that bothered, 30K credits is barely peanuts as far as the game is concerned and I don’t really need them, I’m just redeeming for the sake of it at this point - but I thought it strange they’ve never shown up in-game. Has anyone else had the same issue?


Sometimes it takes a while. I redeemed them last month and they were there when I got on a couple hours later. Other times it been a couple of days. Who knows.

So I’m still waiting for my rewards points for buying tokens in Forza 4. I’ve bought 13 of them and still nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Give it some time - if it gets to a week or two and doesn’t update email T10 at Include all relevant details, give it a good subject and then wait - do not send more than one email. You will get an auto reply - nothing to worry about, just the default response to all emails.

The one I purchased just a few days ago went through, so I went ahead and purchased 12 more, so I’ll just wait and see if they go through as well.

Award points redeemed on website but not showing up in game after eight hours.

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whats up with that?

this seems to be a very closed forum. You have to say what they want to hear or you will be moderated? I just like ask and answer questions. No Cliques or clubs.

I am currently under moderation and would not be permitted to respond.

Turn 10 has posted (see FM5 or Horizon forums) they are working on the rewards. They will show up just when you decide they won’t. Not to worry.

Not to dig up an old issue but mine still arn’t working… they have been redeemed. no message comes.