Forza OST vs Others

What’s up everyone? Thought I’d get a thread rolling on music since I am drowning in studies at university and I use music like this to help me study and concentrate on my writing.

How do you think the new Forza soundtrack stacks up to others?. On the whole, I don’t think the Forza Motorsport (2023) soundtrack is bad, but it isn’t knock-your-socks off good, either. I haven’t listened to the OST for previous FM’s yet though.

While I didn’t include it in my list, special mention has to go to Forza Horizon 5’s OST. It’s really really good, especially with all the radio stations included.

Right now, my hands down favorite for racing game OST is F1 23’s OST. It’s just banger after banger after banger.

Some of my other favorite gaming OST’s, racing and others:

Elden Ring
Armored Core 6
Mass Effect 2 (All three are good though)
NFS Underground 1/2
Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty OST (Hands down the GOAT for me. All the radio albums and original score is just sublime)
Also, special mention to this song, which is my favorite of them all. It’s SO GOOD. It has real Casino Royale and Skyfall vibes where Phantom Liberty was doing the whole spy thriller thing. Phantom Liberty

Just for fun - Polyphia Live @ The Factory Deep Ellum in Texas

I turned off the music in FM23 within the first hours of playing. I normally listen to audiobooks in my Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 headset while racing, tuning, and creating car designs.

I don’t really like FH5’s soundtrack or the radio station system as a whole. I’d rather have an option to play custom music or a custom playlist out of the tracks in the game that I do like. I usually just switch off music altogether and play YouTube videos in the background.

Some of my favorite game OSTs are Doom (2016)/Eternal, Gran Turismo 3, PS2 era Ratchet & Clank and Motorstorm Pacific Rift.

FM really doesn’t catch me. I thought the FM7 soundtrack was kinda cool, but only because it was so different from all other racing titles. FM6 definitely ingrained itself into my brain, but it’s not really something I would listen to, cause it’s just background music.
The Soundtrack of FH2 Hospital Records Radio will always be special to me because the 2014 DnB just hits different.
And FH3 is def good to I mostly like the Pulse radio station.

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None of those games have a decent soundtrack accept cyberpunk 2077 i recommend music from musynx & Djmax Respect even tho I’m more into metal music here is some metal bands I Enjoy Listening to Slipknot Metallica Tallah system of a down chop suey prison Kim Dracula make me Famous daron malakian scars on broadway if you enjoy metal & haven’t listened to metallica slipknot or system of a down I highly recommend giving them a Try.

Everything you listed is great and all, but like 25 years old. I downloaded Toxicity album off of Limewire in 2005.

Not liking things is fine, but don’t knock good music and then come suggest the most popular hard rock and pop-metal bands of the past 30 years.

I just usually listen to my Spotify music because I have better music choices than most recent games do. It pretends that I listen during my road trips.

My favorite game OSTs are:

  1. NFS Most Wanted 2012
  2. NFS Most Wanted 2005
  3. NFS Hot Pursuit
  4. Test Drive Unlimited 2
  5. NFS Undercover
  6. Gran Turismo (mostly Songs performed by Masahiro Andoh and Daiki Kasho)
  7. NFS The Run

These are one of the OSTs I grew up with. NFS MW got my first glance to Rock music. Until later on, Black Betty hits hard in Underground 2!

The Forza Horizon songs I like are:

  1. STARSET - Satellite (FH4)
  2. I Prevail - Rise (FH4)
  3. The Ghost Inside - Aftermath
  4. Poptropicaslutz - Bittersweet Teeth
  5. Magnolia Park - Feel Something
  6. Bring Me The Horizon - Teardrops (why would they pick an explicit song for an E-rated game?)
  7. Nothing But Thieves - Unperson
  8. DREAMERS - Fake It Till I Make It (FH4)
  9. Plague Vendor - New Comedown
  10. Plague Vendor - Live More
  11. White Lies - Come On (FH3)
  12. White Lies - Farewell to the Fairground (FH1)
  13. blink-182 - Bored to Death (FH3)
  14. Avicii - Levels (Skrillex Remix) (Original song is also good btw) (FH1)
  15. Galantis - Runaway (U & I) (At one point, I found this in Just Dance 2021 before I found out it exists in FH3)
  16. Eric Prydz - Liberate (FH2)
  17. Chromeo - Jealous (FH2)
  18. The Black Keys - Lonely Boy (FH1)
  19. Jungle - Busy Earnin’ (FH2)
  20. Fred V & Grafix - Sunrise (FH4)
  21. WALK THE MOON - Headphones (FH4)
  • Thanks to Forza Horizon 4, I discovered STARSET and I Prevail, which I turned into a fan of their other songs. I became a Rock/Metalhead lol, it’s my #1 genre.

  • The Black Keys’ Lonely Boy is also in NFS The Run’s soundtrack, even their singer and guitarist of the duo band, Dan Auerbach, performed Heartbroken, in Disrepair for NFS The Run as well.

  • One of White Lies’ songs are in other games such as NFS Hot Pursuit and DiRT 2 such as Bigger Than Us and To Lose My Life. I even heard more songs from them, especially the latest ones.

  • Nothing But Thieves also had decent songs such as I Was Just a Kid in NFS Payback and Life’s Coming In Slow in Gran Turismo 7.

  • For Poptropicaslutz and Magnolia Park, I heard they collaborated to make a song together called “Catastrophe”. It’s so badass like a hard banger that they worked together, even if they were part of Epitaph Records.

  • The Ghost Inside had one cool song from 2012 called “Engine 45”, and they collabed with Point North with “Safe and Sound”.

  • WALK THE MOON has their biggest hit I listened to which is “Shut up and Dance”, and I heard his performance in Morxgn’s “Home”, which is in DiRT 4’s soundtrack

  • I listened to a few other songs from BMTH, Galantis, and Avicii.

  • I listened to Eric Prydz’s other song called “Pjanoo”, which appeared in GTA 4’s TBOGT.

  • For Jungle, I heard their biggest hit, Back On 74, just before I found out their song Busy Earnin’ was in FH2.

Because of such racing games, it helps me find a lot of great music. Unlike NFS Unbound, the entire soundtrack there is trashed out like utter garbage. A lot of people compare between Unbound and old NFS games in terms of soundtracks because the old ones are filled with Pure Nostalgia as part of our childhood.

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Nice. I had heard I Prevail for the first time when they did that Taylor Swift cover a while back. Haven’t listened beyond that, maybe I should check them out.

I’ll def listen to a few of the one’s you listed, especially the NFS one’s. One of the Youtube creators I follow is Raycevick and he really helped me gain an appreciation for game OST’s and how it affects gameplay. He says a lot of good things about the NFS soundtracks.

Thanks for the recommendations!

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Apologies for Giving the Wrong Impression I Wasn’t Trying To Kick out other genres of music I have Autism If you don’t Mind could you help me understand it Better as I Thought it was any music I do like other types other than metal but it’s very nit picky

No worries homie! No offense meant or taken.

The wording of your message made it seem as if you dismissed the wide array of genres listed in favor of mentioning some of the most popular bands of the last 30 years. It appeared as a very close-minded perspective.

Everyone is entitled to their taste and opinion, of course. I try to treat music the same as I would someone’s religion. Even if you think its the worst thing ever, it’s not really your problem. Let people like what they want to like. (Exception: someone is hogging the aux cable and forcing their preference on others)

If you haven’t given other genre’s a try, consider opening your horizons! I’m a huge rock and metal fan too, and some of the bands you listed are on my all-time favorites list. Since you like Metal, you should check out the last link I shared. It’s a band called Polyphia. Think of them like a crazy metal band with little to no lyrics, and hip-hop and jazz influences. It’s so unique and techniquely brilliant. Its a favorite of mine when I want to get stuff done.

I personally find it hard and very distracting to listen to music heavy on lyrics while I’m trying to read. It all runs together in my head and I can’t focus on one or the other. Especially since music is kind of all-encompassing sensory-wise for me.

Anyway, I hope that helps @ClosingBadge7 .

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thankyou it helped Alot It means alot & explaining how it came across that’s the thing with the internet to its wording & using the right idioms as it can come across as insensitive to others there’s a big list of all different types of genre in Djmax Respect. musyNX. I’ll try again i also like classical music but fast. Techno is a great genre I really Enjoyed the music from the first Horizon game & Queen

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Oh and dude, one more thing:

I have listened to this fantastic rock band. They’re FROM ASHES TO NEW.

Their songs sounded and inspired like they are the new alternate of Linkin Park. Because they have two singers like one is the lead and one is the rapper. Their songs are mostly Rap Rock. Btw, Linkin Park is one of the first rock bands I listened in my life.

None of their songs are in Forza games but I just discovered them a few months ago with one song called “My Name”. And now, I listened to more of their songs and I loved it. Even their latest album “Blackout” had so many bangers! Maybe I might wish that one of their songs should appear in a new Horizon title soundtrack. (FH6)

Trust me, you’ll end up liking their songs once you listen to some of them!

Ok bet, I’ll check it out.