Forza newcomer. Anything I should know?

So, I iust got through the demo and had a pot of fun with it. Way more than I expected, honestly. Howeve, the demo taught me more about menu than actual driving… So, I was wondering what I should know about turning, braking, steering, driving in rain, etc… that the demo neglected to really mention, if anything.

Treat it like its a real car and you’ll do fine.
Well that minus having to pay for things like gas/tires/insurance/wrecks.

Follow the rules, dont be a pain and respect everyone…apart from that welcome to the forzadome and have fun.

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Do the rivals in the menu. Its all about seat time.

Is rivals important in all Forza games? I only found Forza games 7 months ago (26th Jan 2015) and have never tried rivals - maybe I should?

It’s important if you want to be faster. You can learn a lot by just racing but rivals will teach you the finer details on how to drive fast in various cars on various tracks. You’ll only learn though by effort and if all else fails, ask here for specific difficulties.

Rivals is primarily where you’ll find the most competitive side of the game and you’ll realize how fast fast really is!

Read and search the forum before posting

^ get used to people saying this…

There’ll be a lot of guys who’ll give better replies than me but if you want my advice here it is. Don’t overestimate your car I.e don’t try to go into corners at 100mph in most cars or try to speed up too much in corners, it’s ok to tap the accelerator a little bit but don’t do it if you’ll lose grip of come into the next bend to fast or at a wrong angle. When you’re on the corner don’t steer the opposite direction to the corner, even to adjust because more often than not you’ll steer off the corner and lose a few places especially on really tight corners. This doesn’t apply as much on sweeping corners but it’s worth being careful. Also, make sure to brake for corners in time, that’s the most important part of the game, don’t think to yourself ‘a few more yards won’t matter’ because often they will and even if you do brake too early and you need to speed up you may be going slow enough to speed up a bit so it doesn’t matter tons but still try to nail the distance because that method is always faster (and it makes you feel like a pro). Coming out of corners is critical too, if you are high in second gear for example try not to spin the wheels because you’ll lose control and valuable milliseconds or hit into other cars and damage your own.
Also don’t go overboard for bonuses straight away, play with traction control, abs, stability control etc. if you need to because in reality it’s not worth the 4-5% bonus each if you can’t drive without them. To start off maybe go with the brakes only driveline or if you feel up to it, no driveline, because if you concentrate on the drive line you may crash.
Now for tuning, a lot of people say tuning makes a massive difference and it can if done right, so to start off mess about with your tire psi, camber and toe because they help cornering and are easy to pick up. Then if you want to advance you could read the description the forza devs have given for each category, if you do this correctly you will have a nice edge over opponents in similar vehicles.
As for racing in the rain it really is a challenge, in FH2 it was easy enough but now it’s a lot more realistic, you’ll lose grip cornering a lot more often and each corner has to be treated with a lot of respect. Especially because of puddles that may lie in your way. In the rain you’ll also need to brake a whole lot earlier and avoid overshooting the corner because more often than not the edge of the track isn’t enough to stop you from slipping onto the grass which as you may know, is terrible to get of, even in the Subaru! While racing in the rain I also found that every little mistake is magnified tenfold, and combine that with how much easier it is to make a mistake so be extra careful.
Another very important point is to not get cocky, I think most people think that they are untouchable in first place after a few perfect corners and a comforatble lead. Don’t take less care because that’s definatley going to end in disaster and it’ll give your ego a hit and to get it back you may go flat out and mess up more corners to regain control. Maybe don’t try that one, instead you could try going at normal pace and working your way back up again.
I hope I’ve been a help and as most of this is from personal experience I’m open to criticism and knit picking XD

Start with as few assists as you can. You will get good pretty quick. Eventually you can turn them all off.

In a nutshell, the less assists you use, the quicker you can make the car go.

STM (Stability Management Control) and TCS (Traction Control) lower the amount of power the engine puts out so to stop the wheels spinning, similarly when turning. It restrains the car round bends, so having these off gives you access to the car’s potential. Same with ABS (AntiLock braking system). It limits the braking pressure so not to lock the wheels, but the boundary is too safe, and you can get more brake pressure without the system activated. Later braking = faster times.

Same with transmission. If you can avoid automatic transmission, do. It saps power and changes far too early. By using Manual (with or without clutch) you can keep the engine in the powerband longer, resulting in more power. It’s argued as to whether the manual control is faster than manual with clutch, but from my experience, if a car comes with a double clutch gearbox (usually signified by a car having 7 or 8 speeds) in real life, generally the shift is much quicker in game when you use no clutch than if you do.

That being said, it takes time to adjust to and learn - especially with the wet weather physics that have been introduced into F6.

Practice makes perfect is key here.

There’s much more that I can tell you, but typing takes ages. Give me a shout on Xbox if you want, and I can run through some stuff with you when the game comes out. :slight_smile:

Learn the tracks - play them all and get good at driving them. It amazing how much better you get just by knowing the course.

Turn off ABS braking - it is a crutch. you do not want to depend on or you’ll never want to let it go. Hot lap with out till you get used to it. You will lock up the wheels till you get used to it but it will not take long to figure it out. Just know that you will not have to completely squeeze the brake 100% any more. You be able to go deeper into the corner and left off the brake sooner.

Use manual with clutch - it faster period. Once again it wait take some getting used to, but after lapping over and over agin you will get the feel for when to shift up or down. A lot of people like to map the clutch to the A button. I recommend this also. It will let you tap the clutch and up shift or down shift button at the same time. However I’m looking forward to seeing how to best map the new controller.

These forums are a great place to learn about tuning, and this community is great about helping others out.

Watch the Raceboy77 forza driving school on twitch. He Teaches DWk how to drive faster. I learned a lot. In fact I’m pretty sure Manteomax post up some finer points learned right after the first episode that series that is a very good starting place.

If you want to learn about tuning the check out Raceboy77’s videos on youtube. You’ll learn a lot.

All advice here is good.

The key thing to remember is the game is hugely customisable, so the game caters to pretty much any ability.

Personally, I do use some assists. I use automatic gearshifts, and have ABS and stability control on. I turn off braking and steering assist and use braking guideline only. I’m never going to be competitive against good players online, but that doesn’t bother me as I primarily play offline.

Take off as many assists as you feel comfortable with. As long as you’re having fun, it’s all good.

Get ready to have your wife mad at you because you won’t want to stop racing.