Forza Motorsport 6 - Game/Features FAQ

FM6 FAQ: Game Menus

While the game is idle in the main menu it will display a screensaver of your current car in your Homespace, which can be changed in the Cars and Options menus. Navigate left/right to move across menu tabs and up/down to select a tile.

Press X to launch Forzavista for your current car.
Press Y to see: your manufacturer Affinity progress and My Stats, Turn 10 Team Credits, Help topics, or Switch Profile.


Customize game difficulty by setting Assists and Drivatar opponent skill levels in the pre-race menu for any event.

Use the Xbox One dashboard or snap panel to see Achievements progress.

FM6 FAQ: Game Settings

The following settings are found under the main menu tab for OPTIONS.


  • Overall volume, In Race Music (on/off), Menu Music (on/off), Playback System (tv/home theater/headphones), Subtitles (on/off)
  • There is no sound mixer to control the volume of engine or tire sounds.
    Video- Brightness Adjustment for overall game image
  • Tune your hardware display by using the Xbox One Settings app to “Calibrate HDTV” in the Display & Sound section
  • The game offers 13 different Layouts for controller inputs for: Brake, Gas, Clutch, Shift Up, Shift Down, Handbrake, Switch Camera, Look Straight Back, Free Look, Steering, Rewind, Toggle Telemetry, and Pause.
  • For each layout you can also toggle: D-Pad Steering, Rumble, Switch Gear Up/Down, Switch Handbrake/Clutch, Switch Lookback Camera, Rewind on View Button
  • Press X for Advanced control of deadzones for Steering, Acceleration, Braking, Clutch, Handbrake, and Vibration Scale. Deadzones are the areas at the ends of stick and trigger motion where the game identifies zero or full input. Tip: For the most precise control, set deadzones as near to their extremes (0/100) as your controller will allow without phantom inputs.
    Wheels and Pedals
  • Plug in the wheel to a USB port.
  • Navigate to Settings on the Xbox One, then Devices & Accessories.
  • Select the wheel, select Assign to Someone, and select your profile. Wheel may appear as “Xbox One Wireless Controller”.
  • Start FM6 and navigate to Options tab, and select Controller/Wheel.
  • Choose your layout; press X for Advanced options.
    Tips on using a Wheel and Pedals, and Deadzones
    See the post Steering Wheels and You by VoodooUomo for specifics about calibrating pedals, deadzones, differences in production car vs. race car steering lock modeling, degrees of rotation, and wheel auto vs. manual resets.


  • Camera View: Bumper, Hood, Cockpit, Chase Near, Chase Far (these can be changed mid-race)
  • Camera Motion Effects: Off/On (shakes view at high speeds, etc)
  • Damage and Tire Heat: Off/On (display boxes that turn red with damage/temp)
  • Map: Off, Fixed, Rotating
  • Lap Time, Position, and Score: Off, Default, Conditional
  • Wrong Way Warning: Off/On
  • Names Over Cars: Off/On
  • Speedometer: Off, Analog, Digital
  • Mirror: Off/On
  • Distance Meter: Off/On
  • Units: Default, English, Metric (some users prefer a mix for power and speed but there is no option to set this)
  • Ghosts: Off, On, Rivals Only
  • Rewind Message: Off/On (Off does not disable Rewind ability - set this in pre-race menus)
  • Race Feats: Off/On (“Perfect Pass” etc)
  • Drift HUD: Off/On (drift points score)
    Change Homespace
    Select either the Rio outdoor patio or the indoor garage for main menu screensaver and Forzavista.

Change Driver
Choose between a Male or Female bodysuit. The helmet always stays on and players cannot paint the helmet or customize the outfit. Drivers cannot be removed for Photo Mode.

Change Badge
Choose one of the badges you have unlocked in Mastery, Milestone, Affinity, and Region. These badges display in multiplayer lobbies and over your car and Drivatar cars during race events.

Here your Mods inventory can be seen, equipped, bought and sold. This menu is available in the pre-race menu for any Free Play or Stories of Motorsport event. See the Mods topic for more details.

My Drivatar
Shows where you’ve driven to train your Drivatar. Drive on more tracks and cleanly to improve your Drivatar’s behavior in other player’s race events. Drivatar activity earns daily payouts which can be seen in the Messages menu.

FM6 FAQ: Musical Soundtrack

Heavy Metal Affliction - The making of the Forza Motorsport Score Pt. 1
Heavy Metal Affliction - The making of the Forza Motorsport Score Pt. 2
Purchase: Amazon | iTunes | Spotify

FM6 features an original composed musical score for the game menus and during driving. The theme of the music becomes more intense as the driver nears the end of a race. “Working closely with Turn 10 Audio Director Nick Wiswell and Audio Lead Chase Combs, composers Michael Nielsen and Kaveh Cohen created the sound and feel that is the perfect complement to heart of Forza Motorsport 6, the cars themselves.”

Settings for music can be found under the game’s main menu Options tab and Audio tile. There is a Master Game Volume slider and On/Off toggles for In Race Music and Menu Music.

FM6 FAQ: Message Center

The in-game Message Center is found on the HOME menu screen. Be sure to check this frequently for news and gifts. Messages can be marked read or unread, but cannot be deleted. Press the Right Bumper and Left Bumper to navigate the message groups:

Daily Payouts
These messages appear daily and show the credits you have earned. Credits are automatically added to your account.

  • Drivatar Reward - number of races and earnings
  • Design Reward - 500 CR per download, 1000 CR per Like, 100 CR per use.
  • Tuning Reward -
  • Ranked Play Reward - Completed League placing and earnings.
    Turn 10 may send information about new DLC here.

News and contests may be announced here.

Whenever someone in your Friends list beats your time/score in a Rivals event, a message will tell you who, when, where, and the new target to beat. You can launch Rivals directly from each message.

Gift cars such as the Ford GT from playing the FM6 Demo or Forza Rewards will be delivered here. They must be accepted for download in order to appear in your garage. Gift messages may or may not have an expiration date after which the gift can no longer be downloaded. In previous games, Turn 10 has not replaced these gifts so be sure you review these messages frequently.

Other miscellaneous messages may be found here, such as notification about account restrictions. If you receive a message directing you to you should generally review the Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct.

FM6 FAQ: Forza Hub

Forza Hub update announcement - March/June 2015
Forza Hub Launch Announcement - September 30, 2014
Windows Store download link

The Forza Hub is a free app on the Xbox One console and Windows 10. You can use it to review your Achievement progress, compare progress against Friends, review Forza Rewards points progress, redeem Forza Rewards, read the latest News and announcements from Turn 10, view game photos from your Friends and your own gallery, jump to DLC in the Xbox Store, and launch the the game.

Anywhere you see the “. . .” symbol you can select it to view more pages for that topic.

FM6 FAQ: Cars

Car lists

  • Gone Gold official list with “460” Forzavista cars at launch plus DLC (retailer, Anniversary, and VIP cars).
  • Alphabetical forum list showing all cars including DLC
  • online spreadsheet
  • online spreadsheet
  • Forum discussion thread
  • FM6 Car Wishlists
    At launch: Formula E, Abarth, Acura, Alfa Romeo, AMC, Ariel, Aston Martin, Audi, Auto Union, BAC, Bentley, BMW, Bowler, Brabham, Bugatti, Buick, Cadillac, Caterham, Chaparral, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Datsun, Dodge, Donkervoort, Eagle (U.S.), Eagle-Westlake, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, GMC, Hennessey, Holden, HSV, Honda, Hummer, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, Koenigsegg, KTM, Lamborghini, Lancia, Land Rover, Lexus, Local Motors, Lola, Lotus, Maserati, Mazda, McLaren, Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Benz, Mercury, MG, MINI, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Noble, Oldsmobile, Pagani, Plymouth, Pontiac, Radical, Ram, Renault, Rolls-Royce, Saleen, Scion, Shelby, SRT, Subaru,Tesla, Toyota, TVR, Ultima, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Volvo.
    DLC: Caparo (October Logitech G Car Pack), Terradyne (Fast & Furious Pack), Opel and W Motors (January Polo Red Car Pack), Sunbeam (February Alpinestars Car Pack) Porsche has been announced for 2016. (s)

Car types

  • Production cars: classics from the last seven decades plus pre-production 2016/2017 cars like the Ford GT
  • Race cars: See this grouping of the race cars at launch.
  • Classic racers: 1950s-60s Le Mans and Can-Am
  • Grand Prix: Pre-war, 1950s-1970s, 2015 Lotus E23
  • IndyCars: 10 cars across Chevy and Honda from the 2015 shedule. (d)
  • V8 Supercars: 10 cars across all 5 manufacturers in the 2015 schedule. (s)
  • Touring Cars: 10 cars from 6 manufacturers in STCC, WTCC, and BTCC. (s) | (d)
  • GT and LMP: 1990s-2014 LMP, 2006 GT1, 2009 GT2, 2013-2015 GTLM, 2011-2014 GT3 and Super Trofeo
  • Super GT: 2015 Nissan NISMO GT-R (DLC: January Polo Red Car Pack)
  • Group B rally: Metro 6R4 and others
  • Track cars: BAC Mono and others
  • Trucks and SUVs: Ford F-100, F-150 Raptor, GMC Syclone, Vandura, Transit SuperSportVan, VW bus etc
    Are there unicorn cars?
  • There were no unicorn cars in FM6 until the 1971 Ferrari 312 P was added exclusively as a reward for multiplayer League performance in January. (s) (d) (d)
  • “Tier Level Reward cars are not exclusive to the Tiers. In other words, you can still earn that 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 (Tier 6 reward) in the game, even if you aren’t a Tier 6 who will get the car for free. Our Loyalty Rewards system is designed to give our most active players access to awesome cars early – but these cars won’t be walled off from the rest of the community.” (s) (d)
  • Team Forza Anniversary and Pre-Order bonus DLC cars are duplicate models to the standard roster. (s)
  • VIP DLC cars are exclusive to that pack. (s)
    Toggles (lights, doors, windows, etc)
  • “Most cars have either full lights or DRLs on all the time. Popups down in day. Photomode, you can switch.” (s) “You can not turn on/off lights. headlights are on in the rain and at night. even in day, the Zonda’s dash is illuminated.” (s)
  • The only area in the game where doors and other panels can be toggled is in Forzavista; convertibles and other features cannot be activated in races.

Most car models (but not all) in the game are assigned to one of 30 different Divisions which are used to group cars in the career Stories of Motorsport races. Divisions may also be used in restrictions for Rivals and multiplayer League events. There is also a a leaderboard filter for showing the fastest times for cars matching your lap time car’s division. See this list of cars grouped by Division and the Events List thread for details about Career races with Divisions and PI limits. Car Divisions are not shown in the garage or Rent/Buy Cars menus within the game.

Car specs

  • In a custom multiplayer lobby users can filter eligible cars by Performance Index, power, weight, drivetrain, engine layout and configuration, cylinders, aspiration, Region (North America, Europe, Asia), Country, Type (Production, Pre-Tuned, or Race), Manufacturer, Make, Model Family (Silvia etc), Division, or Year. Only power, weight, drivetrain, an engine position are indicated in the garage and Rent/Buy Cars menus.
  • Cars are given a Performance Index which ranges from 100 to 999 and changes when upgrade parts are installed. PI ranges are grouped into ten classes (E, D, C, B, A, S, R, P, X) which group cars of similar performance levels together. However, the PI number is a single assessment of the car’s lap time around a virtual test track (see description below) and do not indicate guaranteed performance on every track.
  • Performance attributes for Speed, Handling, Acceleration, and Braking are shown in numbers from 3.0 (slowest/weakest) to 10.0 (fastest, strongest). These numbers too indicate potential performance and not an exact comparison between cars.
  • Benchmark data for acceleration time, top speed, braking distances, and lateral g’s can be seen in the Tuning menu and change based on upgrade parts and tuning settings.
  • “We display standard manufacturer curb weights in the UI - i.e. wet with no driver. the backend sim uses more detailed numbers.” (s)

Collecting, Buying, and Selling

  • All cars can be driven for free in Free Play
  • Cars can be received as free gifts from T10 via Forza Rewards, Prize Spins, VIP membership, or contest prizes
  • Players cannot gift cars to other players
  • “You can sell your cars back to the game for half of what you paid for it originally…” (s)

How is a car’s Performance Index (PI) calculated? How realistic are the driving characteristics?

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FM6 FAQ: Buy Cars and My Cars Garage

Rent vs Own cars

  • “All 450+ cars can be used/rented from the start in Free Play.” (s)
  • Cars can be rented for designing a livery and sharing the file for others to download.
  • Cars must be bought or received as gifts to be added to the My Cars garage for use in Career mode.
    Can cars be shared or gifted between players?
    “Currently there’s not a plan to do clubs, and a lot of those features that were listed from Forza 4, that’s not currently where we’re going…” (s)

Can I import my garage cars from other Forza games?
No, but you can receive gift cars as a reward for previous Forza game ownership and gameplay. See the Loyalty Rewards announcement. Designs and tuning setups from FM5 and FH2 can be imported if the car exists in FM6, see the Tuning and Paint posts below. (d)

Where will I collect my gift cars?
Gift cars are sent to the game Message Center where they must be downloaded in order to be transferred to the player’s garage. Loyalty Rewards gift cars are deposited directly to your garage at the start of your game.

If I purchased a DLC pack will the cars go directly to my garage?
DLC cars can be found in the Buy Car menus first tab and marked “FREE” to buy for your garage the first time for each model. Thereafter each car costs credits like the rest of the roster.

Is the car selection menu control more like FM4 or FM5?
Cars are presented horizontally by manufacturer and vertically by year for each manufacturer. Menu options allow you to sort them by year, class, or manufacturer, and filter by class and drivetrain, and Not Owned.

Garage options
600 car limit, no grouping available (s) | (d) (d)
Aspiration, Car Type, Model Family, Region, Country, and Division are not shown or sortable in the garage menu. Custom filters in a private multiplayer lobby can be used to show the current car’s information. See also this list of cars grouped by Division.

FM6 FAQ: Homespaces and Forzavista

The Homespace is where your current car is shown in screensaver mode on the main menu and in Forzavista. You can change your Homespace between the Rio outdoor patio or the indoor paddock garage from the OPTIONS tab in the main menu.

Find the Forzavista menu in the CARS tab of the main menu, or press X anywhere to launch it.

  • Forzavista is an up close mode enabling you to open a car’s doors, hood, and trunk, get in the car, and look at each point up close. Use the controller sticks to move around the car, and press the left stick in to move from high to low viewing angle.
  • Active icons: Anywhere there is an “i” icon you can select it for detailed info on that part of the car. A color wheel will enable you to paint the car, and a crossed wrench will allow you to install parts that affect aesthetics as well as performance (rims, lowered springs, aero, quick upgrade to the top of a class).
  • Engines can be revved from inside the car but not all cars allow you to open the hood.
  • Press Y for Photo Mode.
    Will more Homespaces be added to the game after launch?
    There have been no releases or announcements of additional homespaces after launch.

FM6 FAQ: Upgrading

Forza’s upgrade options allow you to change the look of a car and improve its performance within its class or in a higher class. In general reducing weight improves performance but sometimes a heavier part can provide stability that helps acceleration, or reduces the overall PI in the car class to make room for another part. Some cars have fewer options but in general the upgrade categories and groups are the same for all cars, will varying specific impact on each car model. To tune gearing, suspension, brakes, or aero the car must have an adjustable (Race level) part installed. Parts cost credits to buy buy once owned they can be removed and reinstalled for free. Bought parts are assigned to each specific car, so if you had two Vanduras you would need to buy a camshaft for each, etc. Installing a conversion will uninstall some related parts the Engine or Drivetrain (differential).

Find the Upgrade Shop in the TUNE tab of the main menu. From the Upgrade Shop you can press X to Tune car, press Y to Test Drive, or press the Show button for the Setup Manager where you can load your own tunes, find shared tunes for the current car, and sync and import FH2 and FM5 tuning setups.

When reviewing each part for upgrade you can toggle car ratings (speed, handling, etc), horsepower and weight, and benchmark data for 0-60, top speed, braking, and lateral g’s to see how the part will affect your car before you commit to buying or installing it.

Quick Upgrade
For a fast upgrade you can have the game decide which parts to install to bring the car to the top of the target class. This will not install aero, body kits, rims, or drag tires.

Change your horsepower and torque, engine response, and overall weight with these parts: Air Filter, Manifold, Fuel System, Ignition, Exhaust, Camshaft, Valves, Displacement, Pistons, (charger if installed), (intercooler if installed), Oil, Flywheel. Installing a turbo or supercharger on a naturally aspirated engine or vice versa will remove some installed parts as applicable.

Platform and Handling
Brakes, Springs, Anti-Roll Bars, Roll Cage, Weight Reduction. Changes to these parts at Race level have a visible effect on the car. Brakes, Springs, and ARBs allow for tuning.

Clutch, Transmission, Driveline, Differential. Sport and Race transmission allow tuning gears. A new differential will have to be bought and installed after an AWD or RWD conversion.

Tire Compound - Street, Sport, Race, and Drag. A purchased width will stay installed for any installed tire compound.

Are there tires for wet conditions? What if my tuning setup doesn’t include them?
“We automatically change the tires, if the car has race tires. If it has street tires, they are used in wet, dry and cold.” (s) PI and tuning does not change based on this automatic setup.

Buying a rim will unlock the ability to change rim size. Three rim styles split up rim models so be sure to check each one for a manufacturer and model. Rims come in 5 relative weights, and the same rim may be 4x as heavy on a large car compared to the same rim on a small car. Prices range from 3400 credits for a set to 3700 credits for the lightest rims.

Wheel offset
There is no option to change wheel offset, though this may appear to change depending on the rim used.

Body Kits and Aero
In general most cars have a Forza front bumper and Forza rear wing for adjustable aero. Some cars have multiple hood, sideskirt, bumper, and wing options from aftermarket brands.

Change Aspiration to turbo or supercharged, Drivetrain to RWD or AWD, or swap in a different Engine.

Blowers and Hoods
There are no upgrade parts to add a blower through hood. Dom’s 1970 Charger (DLC) is the only car that has this feature.

There is no Nitrous boost in FM6 as used in Forza Horizon 2 Presents: Fast & The Furious. - see discussion thread.

FM6 FAQ: Tuning Files

The tuning file Setup Manager can be accessed from the main menu or from a car’s Upgrade Shop menu.

File import
Tuning files can be imported from Forza Motorsport 5 or Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One) provided that the car exists in both games. Note however that the PI system has been adjusted in FM6 and your setup may no longer be at the top of its class. To import your files, in any car go to Tune and press the Show button to open the Setup Manager menu, and choose Load Setup. Press the Right Bumper button to go past Recommended and My Tunes to Forza Horizon 2 files and press A to import each file individually. You will be prompted to Share the file for others to download, which you can cancel. Once it has been imported, press the Left Bumper to go back to My Tunes to find the setup where you can install it.

Support issue: Syncing your files from FM5 may cause a game/menu crash for cars that have the V8 engine swap because this engine is not an option in FM6. Try opening FM5, deleting the save file for that tuning setup, and sync again. Resolved by a later content update.

FM6 tuning files cannot be exported to previous Forza games.

Sharing Tuning Setups
Keyword 1: Top Speed, Off the Line, Grip, Drift, Drag, Circuit, All Around
Keyword 2: Best for Speed, Good For Speed, Average, Best for Handling, Good for Handling, Beginner, Novice, Good All Around, Close Ratio Shifting, Wide Ratio Shifting,

Finding Shared Tuning Setups
FM6 does not have centralized storefronts; you must be in a car in order to search for tuning setups for that car. (s) In the Get Tunes menu, Recommended setups will be shown first. You can press Y on a tune to Follow a creator so their other tunes appear in the Recommended section when you look for a tune from another car.

Is there a Tune file limit?
The limit appears to be 500 saved tuning setups (d). You can upgrade and tune cars without saving the file, up to a maximum of 600 cars in your garage.

FM6 FAQ: Tuning Settings

See the Tuner’s Garage forum for tips on tuning.

All cars can change tire pressures without installing any parts. Adjust pressure to create the right contact patch and affect tirewall flex; pressure increases with heat.

Sport transmissions allow for setting the Final Drive ratio while Race transmissions allow for setting each gear individually. Lower numbers allow for higher speed, higher numbers provide more acceleration. Watch the benchmark data for 0-60 and Top speed for these effects.

Set Front/Rear Camber, Front/Rear Toe, and Front Caster. These affect turning and stability.

Anti-Roll Bars
Set Front and Rear separately. Lower numbers allow more body roll, higher numbers are stiffer.

Set Front and Rear stiffness, and ride height.

Set Front/Rear Rebound and Bump stiffness.

Set Front/Rear downforce. Downforce creates more grip and can be used for turn-in but more downforce reduces top speed.

Set brake balance and pressure. These are used to control when wheels lock up, and how much weight transfer loads each end of the car.

Engine tuning?
There is no ability to tune compression or other engine features. see discussion thread.

Wheel Offset
There is no ability to change wheel offset, though different rim choices may have an impact on appearance.

FM6 FAQ: Livery Files

8-28-15 Week In Review on Livery Import Details:

"When you check out the “My Paint” menu from the Forza 6 main menu, you will have the choice to synch your original creations from both Forza Motorsport 5 and Forza Horizon 2. Once the synch happens, you can then individually import files to Forza 6 with a click of the button. Please note that the initial synch can take some time, especially if have a lot of creations in FH2 and FM5.

The process for bringing whole car designs over is similar. To import your complete car designs, go to the “Paint Car” menu item and then select “My Designs.” From there you’ll be able to import your original creations from Forza Horizon 2 and Forza Motorsport 5 by clicking on the design and importing it. When you import a design file, you can choose to give it a description and share it immediately as you can with designs you create in Forza 6. In addition, your creation will be unlocked and you can continue to make changes on your cars as you see fit."

"Liveries from Forza Motorsport 5 or Forza Horizon 2 that include certain manufacturer decals will be prevented from being imported into Forza Motorsport 6. You can still go back and make adjustments to liveries in FH2 or FM5, to make them eligible for import into FM6. "

Restricted decals

  • FH2 decals: Local Motors, Forza Horizon, Forza Horizon 2, Playground Games, Horizon Festival, Horizon Bass Arena Radio, Horizon Pulse Radio, Horizon XS Radio, Levante FM Radio, Robby Gordon
  • FM5 decals: Rolls-Royce, Hot Wheels, Hot Wheels reverse, Savage Rivale, Local Motors, Ram, Caparo, SRT, Robby Gordon, Auto Union
    Can designs made in FM6 be exported to Forza Horizon 2 etc?
    No, it’s a one-way system that is built into FM6. (s)

Storefront, UGC tracking

  • FM6 does not have storefronts but has improved the ability to track the use of your files by the community. (s) | (s)
  • To search for a car design, the player must be in the car. (s)
  • “Search is virtually the same [as FM5]. Also, when you painters get paid, they now see exactly how much they made off each download, use and like.” (s)
    Is there a Livery file limit?
    If livery files are limited the same as tuning files, the limit is 500 save files. (d)

FM6 FAQ: Livery Design Editor

see discussion thread.

Different ways to paint a car
To paint a car to go to the CUSTOMIZE tab from the main menu and select Paint Car.

  • Apply Decals opens the Livery Editor (see below) to choose preset decals and fonts to make your own design from stripes to faces.
  • Paint will open colors (Basic, Manufacturer, or Special) to paint the entire portion of Body, Hood, Mirror, Wing, or Rims, and Tint Windows.
  • Erase Paint will remove an existing paint or design from the car. NOTE: if you do this without saving the existing paint, it cannot be recovered after this point. Some gift cars may come with paint applied, so be very sure about selecting this option.
  • My Designs allows you to load a saved file and sync saved files from FH2 and FM5.
  • Car Select allows you to switch cars in the paint booth. You do not need to own a car in order to create a design for it. Choose any one from the All Cars option. You can then create and save a file for others to use or for your later use when you have obtained the car.
    How can I import an image file to put into my car design?
    Forza does not allow for importing image files. All designs are assembled by layering shapes found in the livery editor.

Livery Editor
Complex car designs are made with the use of various decal shapes, each forming its own layer. The Front and Rear Bumpers and Rear Wing areas have a 1000 layer limit while the sides and Top/Hood have a 3000 layer limit. See the pinned threads in the Paint Booth forum for tips:

Paintable surfaces
Decals and paint cannot be applied to windows, brake calipers, engines, or driver helmets.

FM6 FAQ: Pre-Race and In-Race Options

Avatar options
“You can choose between male and female driver, but not driver gear.” (s)

Steering Wheel animation
Cockpit steering animation is “like previous FM. The animation is clamped and doesn’t limit the physical steering angle.” (s) (d)

Toggles (lights, doors, windows, etc)
“Most cars have either full lights or DRLs on all the time. Popups down in day. Photomode, you can switch.” (s) “You can not turn on/off lights. headlights are on in the rain and at night. even in day, the Zonda’s dash is illuminated.” (s)

Camera Angles
Presumed same as FM5 - Cockpit, Hood, and Chase

Field of View
“FOV is FM5 based.” (s) | (d)

“Units are the same as FM5. Some regions have mixed units.” (s)


Audio and Music

  • Improved audio physics. “even the sound of the rain will change based on your camera angle, whether it’s inside or outside the car” (s) | (s)
  • FM6 has a new musical score. Radio stations are a Forza Horizon feature, not in FM6. (s) | (d)

FM6 FAQ: Difficulty Settings

Driving Assist Options

  • Familiar FM5 driving assist options such as driving line, anti-lock braking, traction control, and cosmetic or full damage are seen in the E3 floor demo videos.
  • New “Mods” challenges provide bonuses for accomplishments while using more difficult assist settings. See Mods overview post below.
  • “Fuel and tires burn on sim damage setting, but not cosmetic. In endurance races with sim damage, yes, you will need to pit.” (s)

Drivatar difficulty and behavior
Drivatars from FM5 and FH2 carry over to FM6. Drivatar technology has been improved for more life-like corner/braking behavior. New Professionalism setting option on Drivatars limits their griefing behavior. (s) | (d)

FM6 FAQ: Tracks, Weather, and Lighting - Forza Motorsport 6: Getting dark and wet in a world-first hands-on - June 15, 2015
YouTube/TeamVVV - Dan Greenawalt at E3 on simulation - June 16, 2015 - FM6 E3 Features - June 15, 2015

Track Lists

  • Gone Gold announcement with track list and night/weather variants
  • online spreadsheet
  • See list with lengths in the Test Drive post below
  • FM6 Track Wishlists
    Track locations and numbers
  • “26 world-famous locales and more than 100 ribbons. Not only will each and every track from Forza Motorsport 5 return to Forza Motorsport 6 (some with some new wrinkles – more on that in a bit), we’re including ten newly built and captured tracks.”
  • Returning Tracks: Bernese Alps, Bathurst, Catalunya, Mazda Laguna Seca, Le Mans, Long Beach, Nurburgring, Prague, Road America, Road Atlanta, Sebring, Silverstone, Spa, TopGear, Yas Marina, Test Track Airfield. (s)
  • New/Revised Tracks: Rio de Janeiro, Autodromo Nationale Monza, Brands Hatch, Circuit of the Americas, Daytona International Speedway, Hockenheimring, revised Indianapolis, Lime Rock Park, Sonoma, Watkins Glen. (s) | (s) | (d) Virginia International Raceway (VIR) is an add on only available with the Porsche Expansion.
    Track types
  • Ovals: Indianapolis and Daytona
  • Drag: carried over from FM5
  • P2P: not included
  • Playground: Test Track Airfield
  • Dirt/offroad: not featured in FM6
  • Tracks with night option: Daytona, Le Mans, Nurburgring, Spa, Sebring, Yas Marina
  • “I can confirm the Forza 6 does not have dynamic time of day.” (s)
  • “At night the tarmac cools reducing grip, so racing at night requires a different set of skills than racing in the day. Players lap times will also be different in these racing conditions.” (s)
  • There are no tracks with night + rain at the same time. “Currently we have rain on tracks that are famous for rain, and we have night on tracks that are famous for night, but we’re not really getting into both night and rain. The difficulty of that situation for the diver is incredibly high.” (5:15)
    Does night temperature affect air density and horsepower?


  • Tracks with rain option: Brands Hatch, Le Mans, Nurburgring, Sebring, Silverstone, Spa, Top Gear
  • Puddles are 3D, and hydroplaning is modeled with porosity physics and coefficient of friction rather than ‘wet multiplier’. Rain is velocity based so droplets move faster on a speeding car. (s) | (s) | (s)
  • “FFB in Forza Motorsport 6 has advanced. Driving through a puddle will pull the wheel towards it based on aligning torque.” (s)
  • Puddles: “We recreated what we captured and researched. some tracks have more than others, but you can’t turn them off.” (s)
  • There are no tracks with night + rain at the same time. “Currently we have rain on tracks that are famous for rain, and we have night on tracks that are famous for night, but we’re not really getting into both night and rain. The difficulty of that situation for the diver is incredibly high.” (5:15)
    Are there tires for wet conditions? What happens if my tuning setup doesn’t include them?
    “We automatically change the tires, if the car has race tires. If it has street tires, they are used in wet, dry and cold.” (s)

FM6 FAQ: Test Drive

Test Drive allows you to take any car on any ribbon to test a tuning setup, learn the track, or use Photo Mode. This mode does not allow Mods and has no opponents. Test Drive can be entered from the main Go Race menu or while tuning a car. Following is a list of track options and their lengths in miles:

3.60 Autodromo Nazionale Monza Full Day
1.51 Autodromo Nazionale Monza Short Day
3.59 Autodromo Nazionale Monza Full Alt Day
3.63 Bernese Alps Festival Day
3.08 Bernese Alps StadtPlatz Day
2.52 Bernese Alps Club Day
3.63 Bernese Alps Festival Rev Day
3.08 Bernese Alps StadtPlatz Rev Day
2.52 Bernese Alps Club Rev Day
2.43 Brands Hatch GP Day
2.43 Brands Hatch GP Rain
1.21 Brands Hatch Indy Day
1.21 Brands Hatch Indy Rain
2.89 Catalunya GP Day
1.85 Catalunya National Day
1.06 Catalunya School Day
4.35 Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps Full Day
4.35 Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps Full Night
4.35 Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps Full Rain
3.42 Circuit of the Americas GP Day
2.30 Circuit of the Americas West Day
1.23 Circuit of the AmericasEast Day
3.59 Daytona 24 Hour Day
3.59 Daytona 24 Hour Night
2.94 Daytona Infield Day
2.94 Daytona Infield Night
2.50 Daytona Tri-Oval Day
2.50 Daytona Tri-Oval Night
2.84 Hockenheimring Full Day
2.29 Hockenheimring National Day
1.64 Hockenheimring Short Day
0.25 Hockenheimring Drag Strip
2.60 Indianapolis GP Day
2.50 Indianapolis Brickyard Speedway Oval Day
2.60 Indianapolis GP Classic Day
2.59 Indianapolis GP Alt Day
8.48 Le Mans La Sarthe Full Day
8.48 Le Mans La Sarthe Full Night
8.48 Le Mans La Sarthe Full Rain
2.60 Le Mans Bugatti Day
2.60 Le Mans Bugatti Night
2.60 Le Mans Bugatti Rain
8.44 Le Mans Classic Old Mulsanne Day
8.44 Le Mans Classic Old Mulsanne Night
8.44 Le Mans Classic Old Mulsanne Rain
1.50 Lime Rock Full Day
1.50 Lime Rock West Day
1.47 Lime Rock South Day
1.50 Lime Rock Full Alt Day
1.97 Long Beach Full Day
1.34 Long Beach East Day
0.45 Long Beach West Day
2.24 Laguna Seca Full Day
3.86 Mount Panorama Bathurst Full Day
16.15 Nurburgring Full Day
16.15 Nurburgring Full Night
16.15 Nurburgring Full Rain
12.93 Nurburgring Nordschleife Day
12.93 Nurburgring Nordschleife Night
12.93 Nurburgring Nordschleife Rain
3.20 Nurburgring GP Day
3.20 Nurburgring GP Night
3.20 Nurburgring GP Rain
3.51 Prague Full Day
1.82 Prague Short Day
3.51 Prague Full R Day
1.82 Prague Short R Day
3.83 Rio Full Day
2.84 Rio National Day
1.32 Rio Coast Day
1.01 Rio Mountain Day
0.68 Rio Mini Day
3.83 Rio Full R Day
2.84 Rio National R Day
1.32 Rio Coast R Day
1.01 Rio Mountain R Day
0.68 Rio Mini R Day
4.05 Road America Full Day
2.19 Road America East Day
2.17 Road America West Day
4.12 Road America Alt Day
2.20 Road America West Alt Day
2.54 Road Atlanta Full Day
1.77 Road Atlanta Club Day
3.70 Sebring Full Day
3.70 Sebring Full Night
3.70 Sebring Full Rain
2.13 Sebring Short Day
2.13 Sebring Short Night
2.13 Sebring Short Rain
1.70 Sebring Club Day
1.70 Sebring Club Night
1.70 Sebring Club Rain
3.19 Silverstone GP Day
3.19 Silverstone GP Rain
2.25 Silverstone International Day
2.25 Silverstone International Rain
1.64 Silverstone National Day
1.64 Silverstone National Rain
2.52 Sonoma Full Day
2.22 Sonoma GP Day
1.99 Sonoma Short Day
1.74 Test Track Airfield Full
0.75 Test Track Airfield Open Space
0.35 Test Track Airfield Terminal
0.36 Test Track Airfield Hangars
0.28 Test Track Airfield Cargo Yard
0.25 Test Track Airfield 2-Car 1/4-Mile Drag
0.50 Test Track Airfield 2-Car 1/2-Mile Drag
1.00 Test Track Airfield 2-Car 1-Mile Drag
0.25 Test Track Airfield 8-Car 1/4-Mile Drag
0.50 Test Track Airfield 8-Car 1/2-Mile Drag
1.00 Test Track Airfield 8-Car 1-Mile Drag
1.75 TopGear Full Day
1.75 TopGear Full Rain
0.94 TopGear East Day
0.94 TopGear East Rain
0.80 TopGear West Day
0.80 TopGear West Rain
1.42 TopGear Loop Day
1.42 TopGear Loop Rain
0.94 TopGear East R Day
0.94 TopGear East R Rain
0.80 TopGear West R Day
0.80 TopGear West R Rain
1.42 TopGear Loop R Day
1.42 TopGear Loop R Rain
3.27 VIR Full Day
3.27 VIR Full Night
3.27 VIR Full Rain
2.25 VIR North Day
2.25 VIR North Night
2.25 VIR North Rain
1.65 VIR South Day
1.65 VIR South Night
1.65 VIR South Rain
1.10 VIR Patriot Day
1.10 VIR Patriot Night
1.10 VIR Patriot Rain
1.63 VIR Patriot Alt Day
1.63 VIR Patriot Alt Night
1.63 VIR Patriot Alt Rain
4.43 VIR Grand West Day
4.43 VIR Grand West Night
4.43 VIR Grand West Rain
4.18 VIR Grand East Day
4.18 VIR Grand East Night
4.18 VIR Grand East Rain
3.37 Watkins Glen Full Day
2.49 Watkins Glen Short Day
3.36 Watkins Glen Full Alt Day
2.48 Watkins Glen Short Alt Day
3.45 Yas Marina Full Day
3.45 Yas Marina Full Night
1.96 Yas Marina North Day
1.96 Yas Marina North Night
1.47 Yas Marina South Day
1.47 Yas Marina South Night
1.43 Yas Marina North Alt Day
1.43 Yas Marina North Alt Night
2.95 Yas Marina Corkscrew Day
2.95 Yas Marina Corkscrew Night

FM6 FAQ: Free Play and Split Screen

Forums: Discussion thread

Free Play allows you to set up your own custom circuit race between you and Drivatars, or against Player 2 in Splitscreen. All cars are available to Rent. Single player mode allows the use of Mods, Photo Mode, Rewind and Audio/HUD options, and post-race Replay. Drag, Drift, and Tag modes are not available in Free Play.

How can I set up a race against Drivatars using the same car model?
Unlike Multiplayer, in Free Play it is not possible to race against identical Drivatar opponent cars due to limited game options. The game automatically selects and upgrades Drivatars based on the race settings for Class, Division, and Drivetrain. For instance setting the car class to X will result in the majority of Drivatars using Honda and Chevy IndyCars. While you could race against only IndyCars or the Lotus E23, a race with only the Chevy Lola T90 is not possible because it and some cars in the game are not assigned a Division.

How do I choose designs for Drivatar opponent cars?
The toggle to show liveries on Drivatars seems to be non-functional and they only show stock paint colors, which cannot be changed by the player.

How do I race against my own Ghost?
This isn’t possible in Free Play. See Rivals for racing against recorded laptimes.

What does the Next Rival message mean?
This is a reference to leaderboards (Time Attack in Rivals). For the current car class and track, the game is choosing your next Friend or Near Me target time for the current lap. If you beat it, the next higher up gamertag will be indicated on the next lap.

Each time you launch Free Play the main menu will show you as Player 1 with your current car; if you launch Free Play and your current car does not match the Game Options then you will be prompted to select a car. Player 2 can join by pressing the menu button on their controller. The lower right portion of the screen displays the next track, number of laps, car class, and number of total players (you and Drivatars) in the race. Press A on the Start Race tab to launch the race, or X to skip to the next track in the cycle, or select the other tabs to change race settings.

Single player menu tabs:


  • Mods: Equip or buy Mods to increase your performance and/or credit and XP payout. Using performance-enhancing mods will automatically result in a dirty /!\ lap time on leaderboards, and rental cars cannot use mods that come with credit or XP benefits.
  • Tune Setup: Change adjustable settings or find/load a tuning setup. Rental cars cannot use tunes.
  • Starting Grid: Shows your opponents. Drivatars are automatically upgraded near the top of the Class for each race. Drivatar cars are chosen automatically based on Game Options for the race and cannot be specified by the player. Grid order is set automatically though you may use a Dare mod to force your starting position.
  • Drivatar Difficulty: Select skill level, Limit Aggression On/Off, and Show Drivatar Liveries On/Off.
  • Assists: Increase credit payout by up to 75% by selecting more difficult assists (Line, Braking, Steering, TCS/STM, Shifting, Damage, Rewind)
  • Leaderboards: Global times for the current class/track. Tunes can be downloaded from here by selecting other players.
    If some of these options disappear after you change the Playlist, try pressing Y to Reset to Default.
  • Playlist: There are 15 playlists matching the Series names from Stories of Motorsport. Each playlist uses a specified group of tracks and laps, and will load the next track after you have finished a race.
  • Max Drivatars: Choose zero to race by yourself or up to 23 Drivatar opponents.
  • Drivatar Difficulty: New Racer | Inexperienced | Average | Above Average | Highly Skilled | Expert | Pro | Unbeatable
  • Limit Drivatar Aggression: On/Off
  • Drivatar Designs: On/Off (Off limits the cars to stock color. Colors cannot be chosen for Drivatars.)
  • Laps: 1 to 50 (50 laps on the longest tracks could take 10 hours to complete. There is no 24-hour option.) Selecting a track may change this number, which you can change back.
  • Collision Mode: Default, Always On, Always Off (Ghost)
  • Division: Select any of the 30 car Divisions to limit car choices, or Any to allow all car models within the Class limit.
  • Car Class: Any, or E through X. Players cannot specify a PI limit as in Multiplayer options.
  • Drive Type: Any, FWD, RWD, AWD
  • My Cars: Your cars will be shown here if the game options allow it (C class + IndyCar will show no options). Cars you own that could be upgraded to the selected Class will be available to select but must be upgraded in order to race.
  • Buy Cars: Only cars that match the current game option restrictions will be shown here.
  • Rent Car: Only cars that match the current game option restrictions will be shown here. All game cars (including DLC you own, excluding unicorn cars) can be used as free Rentals. However, you will receive no credit or XP payout at the end of the race. Rental cars cannot be upgraded (no tuning setups). Rental cars can use Mods that do not pay credits or XP, such as Grid Position.
  • Only circuit tracks are available, so drag strips and the Test Track Airfield variants are not available. If you own the Porsche Expansion Pack then VIR will appear between Top Gear and Watkins Glen.
  • When you select a track the lap count will be automatically adjusted by the game; you can then change the lap count under Game Options.
    Load your own tune or download a shared tune. You cannot upgrade or load a tuning setup for a rental car.

Increase credit payout by up to 75% by selecting more difficult assists (Line, Braking, Steering, TCS/STM, Shifting, Damage, Rewind). You can also set your assists in the pre-race menu.


  • Player 2 enters by powering on a second controller and pressing the controller’s menu button. They will be prompted to select a profile, or Add as Guest named Player1gamertag(1).
  • Game Options in Splitscreen are limited to Laps, Collision Mode, Car Class, and Drive Type.
  • Guest players can only Rent cars; purchased-DLC cars are available but guests cannot access Player 1’s garage cars.
  • Only daytime track variants are available for Splitscreen (no night or wet tracks).
  • Drag tracks and Test Track Airfield open spaces are not available in Splitscreen races.
  • Drivatars are not available in Splitscreen races.
  • Photo Mode, Rewind, and Audio/HUD options are not available during a splitscreen race.

FM6 FAQ: Career

Career features

  • “More than 70 hours of gameplay.”
  • “The game will feature 24-cars on track – online or offline” (s)
  • “Average career race length in FM6 is longer than FM5. fuel and tire consumption is based on research.” (s) “After the qualifier series, the number of laps increases. In later volumes, they continue to increase.” (s)
  • “You can now practice and tune from pre-race in career. Practice writes to the hotlap boards.” (s)
  • Mods: “Mods give the player the chance to affect the race, whether through adding additional challenges, changing the handling of the car, or offering additional bonuses at the end of a race. Mods are game modifiers, similar to perks in Forza Horizon 2 or Skulls in Halo 4, that you can unlock as you play in Forza Motorsport 6.” (s) (See Mods post)
  • Stories of Motorsport: “told in multiple volumes, with each volume being a comprehensive career experience that lets the player travel the world and celebrate the past and present of automotive history. Volumes are further subdivided into series where players can choose precisely the types of cars they want to drive.” (s) | (d) (See Stories of Motorsport post)
  • Showcase Events: “80 one-off showcase races as well as six full-fledged career paths through different racing branches (super street, grand touring, pro racing, sport icons, and Ultimate),…” (s) “There’re Showcase events that allow you to play end-level content - Grand Prix cars, Indy cars, Le Mans cars - you don’t have to pick up the cars, you don’t have to add them to your garage, you don’t have to wait for 40 hours, you can just drive them in the beginning…” (s) (See Showcase events post)
    Partnership content
  • Top Gear track is in - see track list. (d)
  • Clarkson not in (s) but “We have Stig’s Digital Cousin, we have the Top Gear test track, we have Top Gear inspired events in the game, and we actually have Richard and James continuing to voiceover in the game”(s) with “other automotive celebrities and passionate automotive people to host our Showcase events and some of the other “Stories of Motorsport”” (s)
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FM6 FAQ: Game Economy Overview

XP and Credits in FM6

  • “By finishing races in the game, you’ll earn both credits and experience points. Earn enough XP and you’ll earn a new level, and each time you level up, Forza 6 will give you a chance to win an in-game prize.”
  • “Only garage cars return XP/CR and can be used in career.” (s)
  • “Like FM5 and FH2, DLC cars will be free the first time you add them to your garage.” (s)
  • “You can sell your cars back to the game for half of what you paid for it originally…” (s)
    Loyalty Rewards
    Players can receive free gift cars and credits at the start of the game from: being a VIP in FM5 or FH2; having played FM4, FM5, or FH2; and having cars in FM3, FM4, FH, FM5, and FH2. See the Loyalty Rewards Announcement and Contest and Gift Cars thread.

Forza Rewards
Forza Rewards is a monthly gift program that automatically tracks your activity across the Forza franchise. Players redeem rewards from the Forza Hub or via the website menu. See a list of the cars at launch in the Contest and Gift Cars thread and the Rewards in Forza 6 discussion thread.

Shared File Earnings
FM6 does not feature a centralized Storefront as in FM4 but uses a system like in FM5. “What we’re doing with Forza 6 is giving people more visibility into the things they create. What I mean by that is we have a file system now that will allow you to see things like How many times has my livery been downloaded? and How much money have I made off of it. So we don’t have an auction house or storefront or things like that, but every time someone downloads your livery or your setup, you’re going to know.” (s) | (s) | (d)

Tokens were added to the game on November 14th. Each player has 100 free tokens to start with and can buy additional tokens from the Xbox Store. Tokens are used to buy cars or upgrade parts or Mod packs instead of using credits. One token has the same value as 500 credits, so a car or Mod pack that costs 50,000 credits can alternately be bought with 100 tokens. There are no areas of the game that require tokens, and token display can be disabled in the Options tab / HUD tile by setting “Disable Tokens” to ON. See DLC thread post and discussion thread for more details.

Not included:

Auction House
FM6 does not feature an auction house as in FM4. (s)

Players cannot gift cars or credits to each other.