Forza Motorsport 2 Throwback Month

It’s Forza Motorsport 2 Throwback Month and the hunt for 1,000,000 online credits is on! Starting this Saturday, June 27th at 9AM MST, yours truly will be hosting online career races in Forza Motorsport 2. Although there are quicker ways to climb the credit ladder, we will be starting with 10 lap events across multiple racing environments and car classes.

If you would like to join in on the action, the event is first come, first to play. To participate, simply launch Forza Motorsport 2 on the Xbox 360 console and enter the multiplayer menu and select “quick match” to search for the public lobby. That’s all there is to it!

See you on the track!

Is forzafest over already ? I was looking forward to that. :slight_smile:

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Eh, it was just an idea with no expectation that something would definitely come of it. No big deal.

You’re a kind fella.

I would’ve loved to have joined in on this, but I was at an airshow all day that I had gotten tickets for about two months in advance. The aircraft lineup was a once in a lifetime chance, I couldn’t miss it.

None the less, I appreciate your efforts to keep the community going! If you host more of these events in the future hopefully I’ll be able to join in. : )

Howdy, Yakov! I probably won’t be hosting another event like this for Forza Motorsport 2, and here’s why: I started off things with, as I had planned, a few 10-lap races at various locations. Then, about 15 races in, participants started asking if we could just set up the events for max online credit payouts. So, we did and, by the end of it all, most participants had completed (or were very close to) the 1,000,000 mark - what is what we set out to do, just in a different and less enjoyable way. No matter what, I had a good time and got to race with some skilled and some not-so-skilled drivers; but, it was fun and a nice reminder of how well Forza Motorsport 2 has aged in 8 years’ time.

It’s too bad that a similar event isn’t likely to happen, but I’m glad to hear that the one you did setup was a success!

I’m sad that I missed this. It would have been nice to do some throwback racing with you. I actually went out and bought a used 360 again and FM2 and 3 right now just so I could maybe get to tier 8 before Sept. and also to get my car count totals up for 3, 4 and Horizon. I won’t be able to hit 12k with rewards due to the AH being closed in FM2, but at least I can get to Tier 8.