Forza Motorsport 1 Discussion

Hello! This is a discussion thread for FM1 for the original Xbox. As there is no section on this fantastic game, here is a discussion thread! Tell all your memories and fun times with Forza Motorsport for XBOX here

I was trying to find the leaderboards, but it seems they’ve gone now. It has been a while I suppose.

The leaderboards are not supposed to stay when the servers of the LIVE are out!

I’m glad I’m not the only one who remembers Forza Motorsport, the original. I fired up my old Xbox a few months ago. I was surprised it still worked. FM still ran. I may do it again just for laughs.

If I remember correctly there was a Swiss alpine course. I miss it. Maple Valley was also in FM. I remember seeing how the graphics improved with FM2 on the Xbox 360. The nice thing about the course was how the cars handled on the track. It didn’t change much between the original FM and FM2. The same can be said for FM3 and FM4. I want Maple Valley back.

In '05 I sold my PS2 for an Xbox, got a good deal on it from an old friend. Forza Motorsport was the first racing game I purchased for the system. Needless to say I was really impressed and I liked Forza Motorsport more than GranTurismo. It’s almost hard to believe that an entire decade has now flown by.

I’d love to see FM released as a download for the 360 or Xbox One, add in some achievements, it’d be fun to go back and play again.

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I played Forza 1 on the 360 about a couple of months and and was surprised that I could still download some tunes from the Leaderboard cars.
Forza 1 was the game that got me hooked on sim racing.
There was a Career Series that included several Classes of cars with the Sunset Speedway that helped me get in the Top 10 on the Leaderboards
I remember in A Class the Lotus Elias was the fastest car.

I may fire Forza 1 up again to see if I can improve some times.

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If anyone is still listening lol, I just started playing Forza Motorsport again. Actually went out and bought an original XBOX purely for that game and I love it.

Truly ahead of its time.

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I did exactly the same , was a big GT fan Then got totally hook on the Forza series NO looking back now got all the Forza games got a bit grinding to do to make up all the years I missed

I too just started playing the original using the original xbox emulation on the 360. Runs great but there are some glitchy audio on some cars. Anyone else experiencing that?
Having a great time otherwise, wish there were some Forza Hub rewards for the original as well :slight_smile:

Yea it’s really glitchy on the 360. Audio cuts out, lags like crazy and keeps insisting dirty disc when it’s not. It could not be cleaner and I have to restart the game over and over to complete the career races.