Forza keeps taking my cr!

I tried buying a McLaren P1 to race in the horizon finale for 780,000cr and it took my cr and the P1 wasn’t in my garage. I ended up trying to buy another P1 for the same price but it worked. I then completed the horizon finale and was rewarded a little over 1,000,000cr and i leveled up twice and then when I was put back into free roam it didn’t give me my cr or my two levels. please help me

Contact Turn 10 at <-I think thats the email

That is the e-mail.

Have you tried dashboarding, quitting the game, and power cycling the console? It may just be a glitch or error that then gets resolved - you’ll start up the game and see the new levles, less CR, and 2 P1s.

Why do you always have to have answer? Remember me? Most people would say yes. 5 years ago would people even say yes! Get your little homemade wheel setup and see you in three weeks.