Forza jamming on certain races

Anyone else finding that some races and season events freeze. Some in exactly the same place, sports day, Derwent Lakeside Sprint at exactly the same place ?

I used to get that, but then I bought an external Hard Drive, and it fixed it.

are you playing on an xbox or pc ? and do you just keep Forza on the external drive or all games? Thanks.

I’m on XBox One S. Forza is the only game so far that jammed up, so that’s the only one that needed the external Hard Drive. I don’t play hardly any other games anyway. Just Forza Horizon 4, and Pinball.

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Big thank you! only been playing for about an hour but everything is improved like I remember FM4 used to be.Just for info I’m using an old (3-4years) Toshiba portable hard drive not ssd. thanks again.

I want to add if you do this be careful that you don’t have two game saves make sure if you do this, you delete everything including game saves from your xbox. Do Not delete your game save from the cloud(?), I tried to transfer from my xbox to the external drive but it wouldn’t finish so had to download. Also if you do it this way you have to change your “Install here by default” this is in the settings/storage menu.

I moved it, I didn’t re-install it.

Again I can’t believe how well this worked, the over explanation was for anyone else who might try this which by the way I had all kinds of issues and this seems to have fixed all of it. Just for reference FH4 was the only game I had on my console and still I had problems but not any more thanks again.

What about yourself?

I’ve got an xbox one forza special edition (it was on sale) couple of years old now but everything else works fine.

thanks AquaPainter I’m going to try that

The game seems to be crashing when trying to attempt to do 50 laps of the Goliath, I managed to get to lap 5, then I’m presented with a black screen and then it crashes. It only started to do it since the last update. Which is a it odd,
Has anyone else suffered the same thing?

Regardless the rarity of people doing such thing and possibility that one comes to the forum, you should indicate the device used and all possible details in case of being PC.