FM4 keeps freezing on X360's. Profile or hardware issue? How to fix?


My first X360 had a Xenon motherboard with 20GB HDD. I was able to play with it until about 10 years ago when games started freezing and I randomly got achievements in Forza Motorsport 4 I shouldn’t get, like the bucket list achievement.

Fast forward to 2 days ago and I bought a nice Xbox 360 FF13 SE with a 250GB HDD and HDMI. It also has the Tonasket motherboard so it should be good.

I tried moving my files from my old HDD to the ‘new’ one with the official Xbox data transfer cable. That worked except it did give me an error that a game demo and a couple other files are corrupt.

Yesterday I tried installing Forza Motorsport 4 disc 1 and 2. That seemed to work just fine, no errors. But when I now try to go to a menu the game freezes.

Is this a profile or HDD issue? Can profiles be fixed at all? I’d hate to start all over again in FM4.

Btw I should clarify that when I logged into my X360 FF13 I downloaded my profile, I didn’t transfer it from the old HDD. No errors popped up, just said it had been downloaded. I thought that would fix the freezing/profile issue I had on my old Xbox but sadly it didn’t.

So how do I continue now? Can profiles be fixed at all? I’ll try to transfer my old profile from my 20GB HDD to the new one and see if that works but I doubt it.

I could also try clearing the cache and do another fresh FM4 install?

I personally think it’s a profile issue since a new install on a different system gives the same issues and I randomly got the bucket list achievement.

Would love to know how to fix this!

Thanks in advance!

It’s definitely a corrupted save game because other games are installing and playing just fine without freezing or crashing.

Is there anyway to fix a save game?

Can you export the save to pc and see if there are tools to try repair?

Have no working knowledge if this can be done myself tho.

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