Forza hub rewards

Hey forza!

Your doing a great job with the rewards, i got a notification from forza hub saying I have recently been awarded 10,150,000 credits, a Toyota supra RZ sparrow and an Audi Quattro, I have the supra and the Audi in my garage now but I still havent received my 10.1 million on horizon 2 and forza 5, could you guys help me out?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It takes up to 4 hours for it to load up so it takes time

A credit total of that amount refers to the aggregate credits you’ve already redeemed over the course of the Forza Rewards program. The reward credits you should see for March would be up to a maximum of about 2.1 million. Be sure you’ve downloaded all gift messages in your in game message center. Some users are reporting delays in arrival of rewards; these posts are more frequent during high volume periods (like game launch weekend or the first of the month when new Rewards are available. Give it a couple days, making sure you’ve done a hard reset of your console in the meantime.