Forza Rewards HELP

Hi all, can anyone please help? I go horizon 2 and when I wet to forza rewards it tells me that I have got 5,000,000 credits redeemed but I only actually 1,500,000… Anyone got anyone got any ideas how I can get this fixed please???

Thanks Dave

1.5 was your reward for the current month. 5 million is the cumulative total over the current and previous months, but if you did not collect the previous months’ rewards, they expire. Be sure you go to your Message Center and press A on gift messages monthly.

Thanks for replying Max, I claimed my rewards as soon as I got the game so obviously didn’t have the chance to redeem them… Oh well I’ll just have to build my credits the old fashioned way I guess Lol

Thanks Max

I redeemed my rewards last night and I went to download the money in game and my internet died. the message has gone but I didn,t get my 2.2mil :(. any help?