Forza Horizon Rewards?

So I’ve been redeeming Rewards for quite a while. Never got into the Horizon sub-series but when it showed up on Games with Gold last month I decided to give it a try. Loved it, got the Season Pass, etc. But when I went to redeem my Rewards I just got a few hundred thousand credits instead of the 2+ million I was supposed to get. Any clues?

They must be redeemed in game within a couple of weeks.

Wrong. I bought my Xbox One 1 full year after release but had been redeeming Rewards since day 1 and when I loaded up Forza Motorsport 5 I had over 15 million credits waiting for me (kinda broke the game since I could afford everything).

FH and FM4 work differently than their Xbone counterparts. Forza Horizon must be redeemed within two weeks while FM4 has a little longer, maybe four weeks. Gifted cars are different, too. In FH you only receive what VIPs received once you were VIP while in other games you got all VIP cars released before you were a VIP. People weren’t happy with that change (can’t recall if it changed with FM4 or FH), so it was changed back for FM5.

Also, FH used to reward 40k a week, but it dropped to 27k when FH3 came out and they lowered the amounts for all the games.