Forza Hub Credits

Hi, I was wondering if there was a change in the monthly credits from the forza hub. I’m tier 5 and every month I’ve gotten 1000000 credits but for August I only got 200000. My friend is a lower tier and he got 400000 credits. Has anyone else had this problem before?

I’ve been Tier 5 for a few months and hit 6 this month, was getting 1.5million every month and this month I’ve got 400k… it does say new rewards available in 6 days though which is odd?

Also none of my points are showing for Horizon 2 other than Paid DLC and Gamerscore…?

There was a Reward system update yesterday, the Reward system changed a little bit. You can find all infos here: News - Forza

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So maybe it would be a good idea to read some of the news and notices on this website.
All explained and keeps you upto date with things.


taken from the link posted by kitt40

Weekly Payouts in August

For the month of August, we’re making some important changes to Rewards payouts. The biggest news is that, for at least the month of August, Forza Rewards payouts will move to a weekly cadence. New rewards will be made available every Friday, beginning on July 31 (yes, we’re starting a day early!) As always these Rewards will be available either on the Forza Rewards section of or on the Forza Hub app on Xbox One.

To celebrate our new rewards cadence, we’re doubling the total credit rewards available in the month of August! For example, a player who would have earned 100,000 credits per game in July will now earn 200,000 credits per game in August, with the total credits amount divided among weekly payments. Please note that these rewards will expire each week, so make sure you come back to Forza Hub every Friday to check in on the latest Forza community news and claim your weekly credits!

I read the announcement about the new Rewards system and checked my rewards. Under the new tier system, I am now level 5 instead of level 4 from before. I went ahead and claimed my rewards and got my credit reward email in game … but it was for the same amount of credits as it had been previously under the old tier system. So it does appear that they still have some kinks to iron out in the new Rewards system.

did you read the bit about how the rewards are being paid weekly this month( not in 1 payment but split over 4) and doubled
but more than likely there will be some kinks

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There are definitely problems. When I went to redeem my points from the website it said I had 400,000 CR available, which reflected my tier being adjusted to tier 4… But when I went into the game on my XB1 it gave me 300,000 CR, not the 400,000. (I understand the 4 weekly payout thing too, I’ll get to that in a minute) So I checked the Forza Hub and it said I had 330,000 CR to redeem, so I clicked on that too. I went back into FH2 and I had 150,000 CR available to download… Which reflects the 4 weeklly payout of 600,000 (300,000 x2) divided by 4. So this tells me that the game isn’t recognizing my new tier level of 4.

Now, I can’t complain too much because I received 450,000 CR so far and it looks like I’ll get another 450,000 over the next 3 payouts, which is 100,000 more than the 800,000 I would’ve/should’ve received for being tier 4, but it’s disconcerting that the system is still broken. The rewards system is STILL not showing any of my points for playing FH2 on my XB1 for the past 3 weeks since I bought it. I should actually be in tier 5 if my points for FH2 are recognized which means I’m missing out on more CR than I mentioned above.

I’m definitely enjoying my game though, this is just disappointing looking forward to FM6.

Edit: after posting this I noticed that I’m actually at tier 5 now!? That’s great! But it only has recorded my gamerscore and DLC points and nothing else. I’ll have to check to see if I get any more CR in the game for my new tier though. I really hope they get this all figured out soon.