Forza Rewards being awarded every 7 days now?

Is this happening to anyone else? I am getting Forza Rewards every 7 days now. The amount has decreased, but they are coming in every 7 days. I redeemed on Friday, and now there are 4 days left before I can redeem again.

It is once a week throughout august.

Its mentioned in the last part of the weekly news:

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Thank you!

The amount in total will be higher than it was before.

800k x 4 = 3,200,000 credits.

I don’t think they are going to nessisarily more beyond August, they are doubled for this month only (in addition to the weekly payout - See below from Mech’s post.
They will drop a bit for everyone that was at Tier 7, I think I was getting 2,100,000 per month.

Now getting 800K, which if was not doubled would actually be 400K, = 1,600,000
Not that its a complaint, I have every intention of being up to the Highest Tier the week FM6 launches! :slight_smile:
(by the way I am 197 points ahead of you in rewards, better catch up Jackal! )

Weekly Payouts in August
For the month of August, we’re making some important changes to Rewards payouts. The biggest news is that, for at least the month of August, Forza Rewards payouts will move to a weekly cadence. New rewards will be made available every Friday, beginning on July 31 (yes, we’re starting a day early!) As always these Rewards will be available either on the Forza Rewards section of or on the Forza Hub app on Xbox One.
To celebrate our new rewards cadence, we’re doubling the total credit rewards available in the month of August! For example, a player who would have earned 100,000 credits per game in July will now earn 200,000 credits per game in August, with the total credits amount divided among weekly payments. Please note that these rewards will expire each week, so make sure you come back to Forza Hub every Friday to check in on the latest Forza community news and claim your weekly credits!

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So for some reason I got a random 250k CR added in both Horizon 2 and FM5, seemingly delivered yesterday. Whats up with that?

At this rate I’m going to have a small fortune waiting for me in Forza 6, that will certainly help get me started :slight_smile: