Forza horizon first top gear mission glitch [pc]

Same for me Xbox one S


Same problem here on Series X.

Does nobody found a fix so far? :frowning:


Same problem here on Series X.

Does nobody found a fix so far? :frowning:


Having the same issue, it stops at start on first mission with endless loading and using 99% of my GTX970 graphic card.

Same for me, however after this crash, my GPU is stuck at 99% and I get 20-28 FPS on low with GTX 1050.

Before I started the top gear mission, I was running 40 FPS on high, all smooth, 38% GPU usage.

I have taken the following steps, alas to no avail:

  1. Update drivers(When has this ever worked for someone lol)
  2. Set GPU as standard in Nvidia Control Panel
  3. Optimize Horizon 4 in Geforce Experience
  4. Restart PC
  5. Force usage of GPU by using external monitor through HDMI(port is linked to GPU)
  6. Shove my foot through my keyboard

Task manager only states 3% GPU usage when playing and laptop does not seem to spin fans very hard. And believe me, when my GPU is at 99% normally it sounds like Alonso’s V10 Renault(see Hamilton’s reaction to my GPU here:Hamilton blown away by Alonso’s V10.

I’m having the same issues on Xbox one. I just completed these missions not too long ago, like a couple weeks ago. Now I’m trying to 3 star everything and I can’t even run the first mission. Something with the new update. Hopefully they figure it out sooner or later.

I can confirm that the mission freezes on a PC. This is weird as I have previously completed the mission. I recall it took me a few goes to figure it out and never had an issue with it.

So something has changed since I previously completed the mission.

i7 gen 9 CPU, RTX 2070 GPU, 32GB memory, Windows 10

Same here… How many people does it take to create a scene big enough for developers to react!!!

Add Series.X freezing on the 1st mission of Top Gear. I stopped playing for almost a year and return to a buggy mess, LEGO.stuff not working either

I’ll add myself to this growing list.

Same for me PC wtf

Same here! pc

Add me to the list. Windows 10 here.

Same here. Win10.

Same on Series X hope it will be fix soon.

same here on PC

Same here on Series X! Please fix this. This issue makes a couple of achievements unobtainable as well :frowning: I want to 100% this game :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have the same problem on PC

Same problem on pc!

Same here. Win10.