Forza Horizon and backwards compability?

Me and a few people i know are really hyped for Forza Horizon on XBox One but is it even going to happen?
Many people say different things but most of them have no trustable source.
I am guessing we will get all forza titles in one update and we have already seen that car games are a solvable problem with backwards compability. Even though dirt 3 doesn’t have that many manufacturers.
Would be really interested if other people know more than i do.

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T10 and MS aren’t saying which means no one knows. Don’t expect it and if it turns up it will be a pleasant surprise.

We might be able to make it happen if we all vote for it on the Xbox one backwards compability site.
It would seriously be so awesome to play it on XB1 and record clips and stuff. Simply the best game I’ve ever played.

There may be other factors at play - like the licensing issues Major Nelson highlighted months ago (and he specifically singled out racing games for that).

By all means vote for it - just don’t get your hopes up just yet.

Here’s to hoping it receives backwards compatibility, but also the ability to use any Xbox One racing equipment too.

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From what I’ve heard it might go on to become backwards compatible for Xbox One. It’d be killer if Microsoft did so. What I’m wondering is whether or not it will be available for digital download on the Xbox One store. I really don’t want to run it through my old disc but if that’s the only way I can run it I’ll run it via disc.

Reason I’m wondering if it’s coming to the Xbox One store is that I’ll definitely spend the money on the limited collector’s edition as long as it’s digital. I don’t care about the packaging. Long as the original Horizon comes out on Xbox One, it’s gonna be a blast… from the past, of course.

FH1 in september 2016 via backward compatibility