Xbox Series X backward compatibility for Forza games

Saw this tweet by the official forza horizon…

This makes me wonder what’s gonna happen to the previous titles which are compatible with the Xbox one X? I’m looking at Forza Motorsport 5, Forza horizon 2 and Forza Motorsport 6… Since FM7 and FH4 were released after FH3 they might automatically work in Series X I assume.

Of course also there is FH1 which have backwards compatibility with One Series!

I thought I read somewhere all the titles working in the Xbox one Series will work in Series X! It’s not a thing anymore? My plan was to buy an Series X and sell by One X. Then I’ll still keep the 360 to play the old titles. I haven’t complete the FM5 and FM6 yet and I would like to continue playing in the new console.

I don’t have the place to keep 3 consoles at my home. If these titles not supported probably I’ll stick with One X for the foreseeable future… Hopefully they’re supported as I would love to get a Series X …

Anyone have any info on this?

Important is how much better Horizons will be. I guess 60 FPS and 4K is real for all Horizons.

Not much info yet just hopes :smiley:

Hahaha, agree that will be great but not if they are not gonna work at all on the new xbox first place…

It’s confirmed on many places. The unknown are enhancements.

Has anybody gotten any updates on the xBox 360 games working yet? This is the ONLY reason for my buying a Series X, which I do now have. But I am away from home and won’t be going back home for a couple of more days to see for myself. In hopes for this working I have even bought a copy of Forza Motorsport as I never played that one. I started with Motorspport 2.

I now have my answer as I am home and the Series X set up. I put in both Forza Motorsport 1 and 4 discs and got the notice that they are not playable on the Series X. Now to decide if I will even keep the new console of make some bank on selling it.