Forza Horizon 5 Crashing on Xbox Series S everytime

Since October of 2023, this game always crashes on Xbox Series S some minutes after. Even if you make a transmission on Twitch. Please, fix this quicker possible Playground Games. This isn’t normal.

The game before was very solid but now every update gets very crashy for XSS. Failing loading races/car list/ tunes and unable to save which leads to loss of progress.

Specially this week it has been unplayable.


Your right it does seem around Oct of 2023 all this crashing has been happening. Makes it no fun playing the gsme scared thst all thr progress youve done has a chance of being deleted or not saved. Im at the point where im going to stop playing once my progress gets lossed again, it hasnt happened in awhile because almost after every race i fully quit out the fame and restart but thats gettig old and still dealing witb the constant crashing.


The game is just UNPLAYABLE. my game crashed TWELVE times today…


J’ai exactement le même problème. Je vais dans mon garage et écran figé en arrière plan donc obligé d’ouvrir le menu Xbox et le jeu ce ferme tout seul. J’ai retiré toute mes livré, épreuves, photo, réglage tout a l’heure ya du mieux mais ça continue de le faire… sur série s. J’ai le problème depuis l’année dernière et chaque maj n’y change absolument rien ! Les dev playground apporté nous un vrai patch !!

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I agree. The game’s loading times, syncing and frequent crashes have become really worse since the Raceoff update.


Another bad part is when youre painting and then go to save and it says “your saves are full” then the game crashes immediately after that.


Ive had less crashes changing my graphics over to Performance… but this is getting dumb sometimes


Since the change to W2 of the Raceoff update today, ive crashed 14 times…14!!!

Everything i do doesn’t save. So i can’t complete the playlist, if this doesn’t get fixed soon im seriously done with Forza games.

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Are you still experiencing this issue?

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