Forza Horizon 4...Wins and loses!

So im loving, I mean reeeally loving the graphics. I mean this game is just way passed stunning! Playground Games have absolutely smashed it out of the park! I spend hours just trying to run into sheep and deer while crunching through deep snow.
…But, in venturing further into the options to see exactly what you can and cant do I discover that there is NO Private Lobby? Oh no…reeeally?? Like why? So ive got to share my world with 72 others whether I like it or not? Mmmm nah, bad choice Playground. Its a great idea but you dont always want cars park up in your face.
…And has anyone else noticed how blooming glitchy that steam train is in multiplayer…really strange because its fine it single player. I think its because theres a big strain on the servers. Theyre trying to do too much.
Look, I love the graphics and the races are great and the verticality is awesome! But I hate the missing Private lobbys and laggy trains…

I really don’t see how this is a problem. They’re not in your group/session, they’re just in your open world. You were fine with drivatars riding around, but it’s bad when they’re real players you can interact with?

I personnally got no problem with that.
The real problem is there’s a lot (lot) less traffic in MP, that’s what bothers me. World feels a bit empty.

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I tried running a speed trap right outside the festival while still in the offline portion, but as soon as I started gaining speed down a straight, 10 drivatars would spawn on the road and take up all the room. So I could never finish the speed trap.

Its a problem for two reasons. One…drivatars dont interfere with what youre doing with friends…ie they dont park up in your face and keep getting im your way deliberately and begging for a race when SOMETIMES all you wanna do is chill with mates and do your own thing. And why take away a feature thats been in the game for the last 2 entries. It should be a choice not a dictatorship.
Two…youre relyimg on 72 odd players internet connection being good…and it often isnt. Ive had a shedload of lag on several lobbies that I never used to get playing privately. Theres players names floating everywhere too…just annoying personally.

I have not experienced a single player come up to me in the open world, and I’ve already been playing for 20 hours. So I think your over-exaggerating

Not everyone bought the ultimate edition of the game. Wait till Tuesday when the game officially launches.

There’s good and bad.

Good: Opponent Drivatars are ghosted, which makes Free Roam much less of a hassle.
Bad: They’re mostly a bunch of randies unless you invite your crew to your session.

Xbox is better with friends indeed. Too bad randies aren’t exactly friends. :frowning:

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