Forza Horizon 4 - Eliminator Cars Ranked

This is Part 2 of my previous post. Last time, I ranked FH5 Eliminator cars. This time, I’m ranking FH4 Eliminator cars. This works the same as my previous post, #1 in a level is the best car in that level, #5 is the worst, and everything else is in between. Let’s get started


Level 1

#1 - Mini '65 - Once again, the only car in Level 1. However, this car is actually useful. It is FWD and front-engine, so it doesn’t spin out as much, and it’s pretty nimble

Level 2

#1 - VW Golf '03 - The Golf has no right to be this good, but it is. It has good power, AWD, and can outrun cars of higher levels

#2 - Audi RS 2 - This car is a strong Rank 2. It has the highest top speed of any Level 2, and it’s pretty decent offroad as well.

#3 - Ford Raptor '17 - This is definitely not the fastest Level 2, however, it’s very useful. The Raptor is heavy and good offroad, which makes it perfect for punching through objects. It has some decent power as well

#4 - Nissan GT-R '93 - This car is not very good offroad, and it suffers from turbo lag. However, it has a decent top speed

#5 - Jaguar MK II 3.8 - Not very fast and not very good offroad, this car doesn’t bring much to the table for Level 2. It’s just not as bad as the two below it

#6 - Galant VR-4 - Terribly slow and clumsy, with below average offroading ability. This car brings absolutely nothing to the table and is worse than the Mini

#7 - TG Track-Tor - While the Tracktor has some power, it doesn’t put it to the ground very well, and it has a tendency to flip and roll at times

Level 3

#1 - Volvo V60 - With an outstanding top speed higher than some Level 7s (cough cough Alfa 4C cough), the Volvo excels in Eliminator. It also has AWD so it tackles offroading well

#2 - Lancia Delta S4 - This car is a rally car, so it does great offroad. It also is good on road as well, with a great launch and good handling

#3 - Chevy Impala '96 - This car is an absolute boat, however it has tons of power to make up for it

#4 - Crown Victoria - This car is basically the same as Impala, not much to say here

#5 - Lancer MR '06 - Despite turbo lag, the Lancer has some good power and does well off the road as well

#6 - Subaru 22B - This car is great when it gets up to speed, but the turbo lag is RIDICULOUS. The Mini launches significantly faster than this 22B…

#7 - VW Touareg - This reminds me of the Macan RR from FH5. It’s great offroad except…it has no power

Level 4

#1 - VW Golf '14 - The Golf has a good top speed and AWD, so it’s perfect for Eliminator. It’s also pretty light and nimble

#2 - Subaru WRX '08 - Out of the many Subarus and Evos in Eliminator, this one is the best. It has good power and most importantly, doesn’t have as much turbo lag as the 22B, thank god

#3 - Lancer GSR '99 - This car is basically the same as the Subaru, not quite as quick in my opinion. Just pick the one you like

#4 - Lancer GSR '08 - This is another generic Subaru/Evo, just with a slower launch

#5 - Toyota Supra '98 - The only good thing about this car is top speed. It’s RWD, gets wheelspin for days, and is absolutely horrendous offroad. Avoid at all costs

#6 - Mini X-Raid - While better offroad than the Supra, the Supra would win in a H2H. The Mini is sluggish and has a top speed of 130MPH. Terrible for Level 4

Level 5

#1 - RAM Rebel TRX - This car is an excellent offroader with a good launch. It does everything you could ask for

#2 - Porsche Macan - While you might think this car prefers the road, it is actually an offroad beast. It’s like the Ram, but trades suspension for top speed

#3 - Audi RS 6 '03 - The Audi prefers the road, but its insane top speed makes up for that. The AWD and great launch make this car an excellent choice in Rank 5

#4 - Ford Focus '17 - It’s not bad, but it isn’t amazing either. It can’t compete with the Audi on the road, and it can’t compete with the Macan and TRX offroad. It’s just OK

#5 - Ford Ranger T6 - Possibly the stupidest car in all of Eliminator. Why on earth is this Level 5, when it can’t even reach 130 MPH? The Rank 1 Mini has a higher top speed, and the Level 2 Raptor is better offroad. The only thing this offers is acceleration, which you get with every other Level 5 anyways

Level 6

#1 - Quartz Regalia D - With over 1000 HP, more suspension travel than you could ever ask for, and huge tires, the Regalia can do everything. The only downside is how massive it is

#2 - Bowler EXR S - An excellent all-rounder. It has good suspension, plenty of power, and handles surprisingly well

#3 - Porsche Cayenne - This Cayenne is a true offroader, like the Bowler. While not as quick as the Bowler, it has better suspension. This is kind of like the Lancer/Subaru, just pick your favorite

#4 - Alfa Stelvio - Despite being very powerful, the Alfa has terrible suspension for an SUV, so it tries to roll a lot. Be careful around hills and large banks

#5 - Audi RS 4 '13 - This has the worst suspension in all of Eliminator. It’s super stiff, so it skips around all over the place and you can’t keep it in a straight line - or even on 4 wheels instead of its roof

#6 - #199 Subaru WRX - Like the Ranger of Level 5, this car has a horrible top speed for it’s rank, just with some acceleration, which you already get in every other Rank 6 car.

Level 7

#1 - M12S Warthog CST - This car is insanely OP. It has 1350 HP, AWD, and huge tires, so it can easily make supercars and hypercars look stupid. One of the best in Eliminator

#2 - #185 Porsche 959 - Good power and weight. The 959 also has excellent suspension, so it tackles rough ground well

#3 - Urus '19 - The Urus is the best SUV in Eliminator. It has lots of power, but has significantly better suspension than the Stelvio

#4 - Porsche Panamera - This car suffers from the same problem as many sports cars and fast wagons, and the physics model is mostly to blame. Street cars just bounce around a lot offroad and can’t go in a straight line well. However, the Panamera is excellent on the road

#5 - Audi RS 6 '15 - The RS is very similar to the Panamera, but the suspension is worse

#6 - Alfa Romeo 4C - The Alfa maxes out at around 150, so it isn’t good for much of anything in Level 7, like the Ranger and Subaru. Anyone else noticing a trend here?

Level 8

#1 - Jeep Wrangler DD - The Jeep is a bit tippy going around turns, but it’s scary offroad, which is usually all you need in FH4, as long as you have some top speed as well

#2 - M-B SLS AMG - Very fast and the best offroad out of Rank 8 supercars, just can’t compete with Jeep

#3 - Gallardo Spyder - Very similar to the SLS, but not as good offroad and lacks the power of the SLS

#4 - Audi R8 '13 - Exactly the same as the Gallardo but with slightly worse offroad ability

#5 - Nissan GT-R '12 - While the GT-R is fast, it lacks all form of offroad grip

#6 - Ferrari FF - Awful grip and terrible offroad, especially on snow. Avoid this car when possible as it will lose you the stupidest races

Level 9

#1 - Lancia Delta S4 - Insane power and ridiculously light, this car is an absolute monster offroad

#2 - #2 Audi S1 - Slower than the Lancia, however less power makes it easier to tame

#3 - Chevy Camaro '17 - AWD, good tires, high power, and decent suspension. This car is the king of road cars in the Eliminator

#4 - Aventador '16 - Very fast and grippy on the road, but has the same problem as many other road cars: it bounces around uncontrollably offroad

#5 - Acura NSX '17 - It’s not outstanding, but it isn’t bad either. Average in class

#6 - BMW M4 '16 - Mediocre power output and bad grip make this a less than desirable car in LVL 9

#7 - Ferrari GTC4L - Basically a better Ferrari FF. Hence, it isn’t very good

Level 10

#1 - #37 Pro 2 Truck - With a crazy launch, huge tires, AWD, 1100 HP, and insane suspension, this is the king of FH4, the best car in Eliminator

#2 - Hoonigan Cossie - Coming close behind is Ken Block’s crazy Cosworth. Only 620 HP, but significantly lighter to make up for it. Another excellent choice

#3 - Aventador '12 - Much better suspension than the Rank 9 Aventador, so it does much better

#4 - Bugatti Veyron - By far the fastest car in Eliminator, but uncontrollable at higher speeds when offroading

#5 - M-B AMG GTR - A Level 10 car that can’t even hit 200 MPH. This thing is kind of sad. On top of that, it isn’t even as good offroad as the Camaro in Rank 9

So that’s my ranking of every FH4 Eliminator car. This took a while, but I hope it helps get you more wins