Forza Horizon 3 Pre-Order on PC

Hello, I preordered a couple of days ago the Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate Editon here:
Now, I want to know if this version is actually compatible with PC, which means: is this the Digital Version or a Physical Version?
If this is the Digital version, everything would be good, but if not…
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here you go

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Thank you very much

Yes. My understanding is that you will have to redeem the code in the Windows 10 Xbox app. That is the way they were doing it for Quantum Break. I can possibly change between now and release. Microsoft/Xbox should have been more clear about things and have one definitive way to do it. Its rather sad that Forza Horizon is one of their most popular titles and a leader in the Play Anywhere initiative, but yet their customer support is saying go ask someone else. I’m not 100% sure, but I’m going to guess the people that are playing and preordering strictly on PC are going to be redeeming the code as described in the link. Hope this helps.

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There is another link on that page that seems to take you to a way to redeem without using the app. It’s no. 5 in the main instructions.

Apologies for my how to redeem the code post. But, yes, it does look like you have the digital edition. Did they not send you a code or confirmation??

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They did,but I didn’t receive an activation key. I received an E-Mail which is basically a receipt where it said: you prordered FH3 and stuff like that

On the preorder page, it only lists that it is playable on the xbox one. Shouldn’t it say xbox one and windows 10?

It should shown once PlayAnywhere starts @ 13th September.

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The xbox app says both pc and xbox. So it’s weird if it doens’t say it other places as well

I’m waiting till the game comes out before I make a move. So what, I miss some cars. At least I know I’ll be ordering the right thing as I do not have an xbox 1

If you check out the link in my post above you can clearly see that it says for both platforms :slight_smile: It’s just a link for a screenshot