forza horizon 2 crashing on xbox one x

hi, I’m a gamer who owns an Xbox one x and this month for Xbox games with gold Microsoft have decided to include forza horizon 2 in this months free games, so I decided to download said game however when I started the game everything was going fine until I reached the part where you do your first “horizon heat” and everything goes fine until I reach 38% completion of the race, then the games freezes, makes a weird like stuck noise and a few seconds later the games craches and sends me back to the home screen and it doesn’t send a pop up message like there was an error or you may not own this game. also I have already tried the suggestions from the Xbox assist app and the problem continued even after I tried twice my final option would be to uninstall and reinstall the game in case one of the many files got corrupted and maybe that’s why it wasn’t working. in the end I was hoping that someone could help by giving me another solution or if I should just uninstall or reinstall the game. also it makes no sense that I can run pretty much any game even newer ones which have better graphics and therefore would give the console a “harder” time running the game than it would an older game and I dont have the old Xbox one or the one s I have the one x which Microsoft claims and I quote “its the most powerful console ever”. again if someone could give me any advice that would much appreciated.

thank you