Forza Apex... Kind of a Let Down

I’ll say this much. Played it this mourning.

Haven’t played forza at all. Played GT3/4/5 prologue. GRID, and RACE when simbin was still cranking them out. played Pcars for an hour haven’t touched it since. How do I think about forza 6 apex coming to PC?

It is a tech demo. I’d say it’s a good move. PC really needed something like this. Yea there is GRID/rFactor/PCARS/WRC etc, but having but when you sit and think about it’s always Forza vs GT. With that said visuals hmmm. Cars look great, a bit too shiny in gallery mode but hey. Environments though I dunno wasn’t all that fond of environments I thought those could use a lot more work.

Driving with assists on/off always feels wonky to me. So to me physics is out the window and even manipulating the sliders and tuning the car never really helped. Cars still feel weird but whatever.

One thing it does get right despite all this is it does feel like your there to race.

So yea a let down, but who cares - T10 and Microsoft gonna do whatever they want anyways. They could have just kept it on X1.

Change the controller deadzones to 0-100. Make sure assisted steering and braking is off. If it still feels wonky i really dont know what to say, forza is and has been the best racing game while using a controller, the wheel on the other hand…

I’ll experiment with it some more.

I know when I played GRID way back when, it was hard to play it with controller with TCS off.

I’m pretty happy with it so far, but man I wish they would do away with the arcadey feel from helicopters and planes flying all over the place. We don’t need that crap and it’s resources that could be better used elsewhere.

Even though though this demo doesnt like my video card and I’ve had problems with sound, I think its a pretty good demo. I run Assetto Corsa, the physics are good but it gets a bit boring at times, this is more fun and the graphics are way better even though it doesnt like my video card.

As long as they have plenty of options and have steering wheel compatibility I think this looks really cool.