Forza 7, the unfinished product.

Imagine your perfect car is about to be launched by your favourite manufacturer. (For me it’s the Focus RS!)

You are so excited, you walk into a dealership to spec and pre order your car.

You go for the recaro bucket seats, the tinted windows, all the extras. You’re feeling that flush, you order it with the mountune upgrade.

If you want your car early, you’re going to have to pay a premium and higher deposit, just to get your name up the list. So you do just that.

After months of waiting, watching all the release videos. You are so excited! You might even try the drift mode on the way home.

The phone rings, it’s the dealership. Collection day is here. You walk into the dealer and see the shell of a Focus RS, it’s painted, and got the engine. But the doors are missing, the seats haven’t been fully finished, there’s a mechanic who is still fitting the gear box. You can’t use the stereo or the sat nav, they’re coming later. You think you’ve paid for the mountune pack, but actually you haven’t. That’s an upgrade you will have to pay for later. Don’t worry though, the sales guy hands you a letter from the head of Ford, thanking you for your patience and understanding. On the drive home, other road users are driving into the side of you constantly. And you understeer into every single corner on the way back.

That is Forza 7 right now.


You forgot that while key features of your car are missing, it came with useless stickers in the inside and on the exterior as well as green, blue, red, purple and orange/golden neon lights nobody wants.


And the RS has a sort of matte paint and ugly brake calipers.


And all the bits shake off as you’re driving down the road…


You post alot of threds about how bad this game is , makes me wonder why you even play it?


Believe it or not since Forza 7 came out, I’ve been thinking the exact same. This is the first time I have found the need to use the forum to vent my frustration at the game. I would only normally use it to find information or tips on how to complete things or get achievements.

After spending £80 on it, I can’t even trade it in for half that.


Well best of luck woth trying to sell it for Half price at the moment was in the Microsoft Store today seeing what was on special and what not and noticed that Forza 7 game has droped down from 4.6 stars to about 2.5 stars now who is going to buy any game with a measly 2.5 stars this soon after launch.

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This is funny yet accurate af


Good real-world example.

We pretty much don’t have a choice at the moment but to patiently wait.


Exactly how I feel.

i hate to see people say that we don’t have a choice but to wait. yes we do have a choice and not just one. next time, don’t preorder their crap game and quit playing or return this beta game they just put out. turn10 set the bar high on forza 2-3-4 and then gave us forza 5 basically the beta version of the 6 and now 7 another beta game. [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]

Forza 7 is the most unfinished game i played since the Horizon 3 release (talking of PC Versions).
I thought that was bad and bug infested but FM7… it tops everything.
Constantly crashing, multiplayer near unplayable because if this.

crashing in menus, crashing at upgrading cars, crashing at selecting races, it crashes everywhere.
Bugged races, drivatars behave like a AI from the 90s and so on.

i really like the game and WHEN it works it´s fun to play, but at the moment it´s more frustrating than fun.

i really hope they patch this asap. atm it´s not worth it´s money, at least for PC players.

dunno how this made it through final testing. maybe they used PCs with a terrabyte of ram so they didn´t notice the mem leak…


I’m starting to think this as well. I’ve never had such an unstable game on my system. Holding my breath waiting for the next strange thing to happen is starting to make the game really unenjoyable. I’ve barely played it as it is.

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Mine seems to have all the features I expected.

I didn’t expect the multiplayer crashing constantly feature, or the previously banned cars in the A class hopper feature. Also didn’t expect the " Open test track" not available feature, or the half frequency sound of the cars with no low end bass at all feature. Guess I got more than what I expected😂


The truly funny thing is I don’t remember drivatars crashing in Gran Turismo, ever. Not like they do in forza. Or in Project Gotham Racing, Matter of fact, I don’t remember any game that acts like the Forza drivertars. And boasting about 700 cars going into a next gen console when other games on previous consoles had 1200+? No, they gave us part of a core game, and we will wait for all of the other perks while we decide if the next iteration will be worth it. The Horizon series could be worth it, depending on where the next location goes and if the appeal to everyone. Their Motorsports games, well it has definitely taken a hit. They focused too much on selling the game than they did on making sure the game functioned correctly and I am sure they are learning their lesson the hard way. If there is an 8, and they full the same stuff they did with 7, there will be no more Forza. But if they listen, adhere to the community, and actually create a near flawless game as 8, then they can offset themselves. But in order to do that, we will need 1000+ cars from the wishlist, we will need Twin Mogei and Maple Valley’s, we will need Fujimi Kaido and off road tracks, we will need Drift circuits or a track editor. We will need our class drags, class and unlimited drifting and racing hoppers. We will need a correct auction house and better tuning/painting options. I am not just talking about broken physics with tuning and painting (only able to go up/down by .2 and not .1 anymore) but the option to paint wheels how we see fit (IE front and back rims different colors, two tone rim painting (IE lip and center)). The Forza Vista would need fixed and countless other small details.

It is more than just your real world scenario. It is like you ordering the car and they just gave you the frame, the tires, and a key. No engine, no doors, no rims. Not even a rolling chasis.


Sometimes I am sad there is only a like button here.


And every time you get inside you feel nauseous reminiscing and ruing the simpler FWD days of the beloved Focus RS MK2 that you traded in that was so much more complete…

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Best analogy yet

Awesome post OP. Summed it up very well…

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