Forza 6 with thrustmaster wheel leauge?

I would like to get a list of people who use a wheel.

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I use one with the t3pa t300 pedals and th8a shifter.

Tx wheel user here…

same here. TX wheel.

TX user.


Tx with t3pa pedals and th8 shifter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Soon to be on with a Fanatec with Titan one controller

I have a Fanatec GT wheel with the adapter for the Xbox One, the Fanatec Clubsport pedals V3, and the Fanatec clubsport H-Pattern shifter. All in a homemade Racing Rig.

Which adapter do you use, and would you recommend it? Asking for a buddy who heavily invested in Fanatec last gen and won’t even play a racing game on the X1 because he can’t use his wheel…

Fanatec makes several new Wheels for the new Base. “V2” and an adapter all for Xbox one and you can use your existing Fanatec pedals ( I know the Clubsport pedals ( V1-V2-and V3) but I’m not sure about the rest) it’s pricey though as It runs about 600 dollars American.
Yes I would recommend it if you can afford it as it is WAY better than the Xbox 360 elite from Fanatec or at least I think so.

TX user… hoping to get the T3PA pro pedals and the TH8A shifter on black friday :slight_smile:

TX & TH8A user here.

Is it worth it to get a wheel?

Short awnser… Yes

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TX W/H gate and Clubsports V2 here as well

Tx user, with t3pa and th8a, GTE wheel.

assuming you all will be on forza 6, we should all get together the first weekend and do some laps.

th8a shifter
tx pro pedals
tx leather rim
Dale Earnhart playseat with pro mount shifter, seat slider.

I’m considering another wheel I had the ms wheel on 360 but I was no competitive with it online I ran 1-2 seconds slower then I did when I had a controller. Any recommendations ?

Use both feet, manual trans, fluid steering. Most importantly practice.

GT is username.