Wheel/Clutch/h shifter confusion

Ok so I need some clarification if the Tx 458 paird with the TH8A shifter and the ts500 pedal set. Does this work with forza 5 or not. I have read so many conflicting reports and before I plunk down that much dough I want to be sure it works. (Already have a fanatec setup with clubsport pedels and th8a tied into it). I understand there is a grounding trick to get the pedals to work?
I read on one thread the clutch can work with the weel but forza 5 didnt recognize it or something?

Wish i knew when the new pedals were releasing…

Not yet.
Supposedly they are releasing something soon.
I think there’s some discussion at inside sim racing forums about this.

Yes the T500 pedals work perfectly with the Thrustmaster TX racing wheel(plug in and Play), yes the clutch does also work perfectly on FM5. No the TH8A Shifter does not work on the TX wheel. Yes your Fanatec Clubsport Pedals may soon be able to work on the TX wheel with a certain BB Adapter currently being Beta tested. The new anticipated shifter for the TX wheel and there pedals set to match has not been released as yet and so far no known date of release is set.

Hope this answers your questions.

Just to be clear the TH8A, mentioned above, is the not yet released shifter that is being made for the TX wheel. The TH8RS is the currently available Thrustmaster shifter, and will not work with the TX wheel. The TH8RS connects via USB and the TX wheel does not have a USB input.

i am about to get the tx racing wheel and the three pedal add on but do you think when the (h shifter) comes out it will work with the wheel and pedal add on

Yes, the TH8A is part of thrustmasters TX ecosystem and 100% compatible with TX458 and T3PA. And a recent update has added 8 shifter support to Forza, so you are good to go once its released. Just make sure you dont get the “old” TH8RS shifter (see above) as this wont work on Xbox One, only on PC.