Forza 6 Tuning calculator?

Hello I was wanting to know if there is going to be a FM6 Tuning calculator made? Im not the best at tuning and I enjoyed the other calculators for the past FM games that I had on my Droid or iPhone. Thanks.

It’s on its way

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I was just about to post this very question as to how accurate the FM5 tuning calculator would be for FM6 since it seemed to do very well for FH2. I’m guessing there have been some game mechanic changes that require some updating.

Has anyone tried Forzatune 5 for tuning on FM6?

I actually do use it and it works very well. The only problem I find is MR cars have TONS of oversteer even if I turn the slider up to 120. Any special trick for the MR cars? Right now we are tuning C class cars and the calculator does work great.

How are you arriving at the RPM for PK TRQ?

Give it a shot and let us know how it works.

Give it a shot and let us now. The gearing calculator on that app is pretty easy to use, convenient, and rather nice. As for the tuning portion, it’s not the best tune but it is one of the best apps out there that will tune for you.

+1 , I agree w/PPiDrive…, though I no longer use it at all, I did try it in the early days of the FM5 version.

Do you use a gearing calculator from another source or just do the gears yourself?

From time to time, I have used a several gearing spreadsheets…yet, lately do most of it myself. I’ve found it more of a learning experience to do so.

Redline you get from test drive mode. You can use the analogue tach or the telemetry to figure it out.

Peak Torque RPM you can get from any of the items in the engine upgrades or using Telemetry.

Displacement you can get form FM5 (see they are forcing you to hold onto it) or our kind friends from Google who are quite knowledgeable in searching for information.

And how exactly does that go down? I’m hoping for some guidance with this aspect. I understand tuning the final drive but that is dependent on the gears themselves - how do you determine what to do there? How do you determine whether to go with gears tuned towards speed and a FD for acceleration or a FD for speed and gears for acceleration? Then, if you know where your torque and horsepower peaks are, how do you set the gear - you want the car to stay in that powerband so how do you set the ratios to accomplish that? If I use the ForzaTune5 gearing calculator to get a base I feel confident in adjusting it slightly here or there if need be but I really don’t mess with it much if I am using that race transmission.

I think you meant to say too high. If you move the slider to the left you are going toward the negative which means the further left you go the lower the number gets. The calculator recommends numbers that are too close to zero for the game, and thus too high. What you want for this game is a larger negative value than you might expect otherwise.

I tried it earlier tonight to tune my Fiesta XR2 and it seems to work okay, only issue was I had to locate the car models displacement on wikipedia.

Is there a possibility of getting a windows app as well? I have my Windows 10 PC nearby when I’m on my Xbox so it would be really handy for me to have it on a larger screen.

I have. I used it in 5. The handling portion works great. Forza removed displacement from the stats, which was necessary for the gearing portion. Overall I give the app 5 stars. it’s a must have In my opinion.

Displacement can be found with oPcket Forza and FT Garage apps.
Redline and TRQ RPM can be obtained in a test drive. Previous figures from F4 data were not very accurate if you compare them with standard calc formulas like
RPM = HP5252/TRQ

The graphs in the engine tune section give you an idea, but the scaling is very broad and hard to figure the exact numbers.
Not sure how to figure DISPL after you upgrade the engine either.
All this lack of data makes it hard to use the tune calculator at all.

I use this, and it seems to work pretty good so far.

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I have and it works pretty good, gets me a decent start on a car at least.

1 thing wrong with the calc is camber #s, way too low.


I’m still using feuerdogs excel calculator for FM5…the underlying formulas seem to be creaking a bit but if you know what you’re doing it still works reasonably.