Forza 6 Drag Racing

Heres a thought for Forza 6 Drag Racing instead of always rare old cars like the 33 alfa and stuff like that i would like to see real drag racing put in the game where real cars have a chance at being at the top

lets see some real HP out of cars 1200 hp drags are just plain slow like twin turbo big blocks only putting out 1000 hp is a joke and where is some nitrous builds and tubbed rears

Some ideas to add:

Asperation changes i:e turbo, twin turbo, supercharge, nitrous

the nitrous cars could have the same street sport race upgrades 1 stage 2 stage 3 stage nitrous kits

no AWD swaps alot of people switch FWD to RWD but AWD swaps are just plain dumb

tubs and mini tubs we need wider tyers

Top Fuel Funny cars

you add the option to select pro stock cars in FM5 but never put any in

so lets hope we see some 2500+ hp muscle and jdm cars ripping it down the strip


So, how exactly would nitrous factor into PI rating? Anything done to the car besides a livery/paint change should affect PI. It’s one thing to factor in the value of an upgrade that would be a constant on the car, like how weight reduction makes me lighter for the entire race or aerodynamic upgrades improve my downforce indefinitely, provided I don’t sustain mechanical damage to the wings, but nitrous isn’t a constant. You get so much nitrous and that’s it, so it would have a bigger impact on short races but less valuable on longer ones. We don’t do separate PI ratings for circuit and drag, either. Your car and setup has the same PI with disregard for race format.

Unless you figure we should have a magic nitrous supply that never ends, but then this would become more arcade and less sim. At that point we might as well fill a boost gauge by ramping, drifting, near misses, and driving into oncoming traffic as per Burnout.


Crud! Drag Racing is not racing, it’s a waste of space within the Forza 6 content!


This is Forza Motorsport. Drag racing is more than welcomed in motorsport.


Jason, You do realize if you were to say that to some ones face, you would end up without a tooth or a split lip, right?

My family consists of drag racers (including me)

I completely disagree!


I would never have guessed :wink:

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LOL. :wink:

I said this several versions back… Turn 10 should split Forza up into different games and we could have:

  • Forza Motorsport - Circuit
  • Forza Drift
  • Forza Drag
  • Forza Oval
  • Forza Open-World

They did Open-World with Horizon — maybe there’s still hope for the other formats…


I’ve got a suggestion! How about a game that combines all forms of automobile action into one game? It could be called Forza Motorsport and include things such as circuit racing, time attack, drag racing, even drifting all in the same game. This way everyone stays a part of one community and can build off of each other.

In all seriousness though, why split the games up? It works better with everything together like it currently is, Turn 10 just needs to have more resources available to put the extra touches into the game that each form of Motorsport requires. I honestly think Turn 10 doesn’t have enough resources to do everything they want to do at this time. I mean, 6 months for one car? Microsoft needs to toss some more funding in Turn 10’s direction so they can hire the people necessary to allow each Forza to reach its true potential.

The way I see it, if Turn 10 had a larger workforce the likelihood of properly done circuit racing, drifting, and drag racing modes would dramatically increase. In their current state, I think we’ll got nothing more than minor additions every few iterations.


The more types of motorsport you try to cram into one game, the less each type is going to satisfy its particular fans.

Drifting and Drag Racing are perfect examples. Both can currently be done in FM, but neither is done well. The disciplines are so vastly different that the “mass appeal” would actually be “appeal to almost nobody.” Personally, for example, I wish they’d take Ovals and Drag Racing out of FM, and I certainly don’t want to see any new events, types of scoring, or specific upgrades for Drifting. Look what happened with the Drag Tires!

And, as soon as you put more into one area, everybody who likes other areas will start screaming. And what about Motorcycles? And Monster Trucks? And Airplanes? And Boats? And Snowmobiles? and and and and and… these are all forms of Motorsport - but including all of them in one game would be absolutely ugly!

In the rest of the software world, this is commonly referred to as Feature Bloat.

As far as a larger workforce or more resources, if MS wanted to go that direction - that is, if they thought there was a market for it - they would have done so already.

P.S. The “six months to make a car” deal has been explained over and over around here… It includes research, decisions, logistics, photos, measuring, scanning, manufacturer concerns, building the damage model(s) etc, etc, etc. Task after task after task that cannot even be started before the prior task is completed. As Dan G likes to put it: It takes ONE woman NINE months to make a baby… You cannot hire Nine women to make a baby in One month.


To build a perfect drag car takes a lot of skill to build and drive properly try and get top 20 in drag it ain’t just a walk in the park just because you don’t like it you shouldn’t try and ruin it for others .i love drag through and through I hope they add all we ask for for drag and curcuit and all other aspects of the game from air fuel adjustment to boost controllers to nitrous to lots more engine swaps and so on


Yo shut up, your wrong so wrong.


Drag racing is racing whether you like it or not.


why are you on this forum if you don’t like drag racing, people are here to talk about drag racing and we will so go away

Dude, that post was made over a year ago, he has gone away.

in real life you can do anything to any car if you have money so drive train swaps are a real thing just because u don’t like it don’t judge it other people may like that the game doesn’t revolve around you I’m not being a troll I hate them I’m just making you see the other side of the fence


What drag race event have you been to where everyone was driving an AWD CH7 with 1100 hp and 1200 lbs? I dont think I’ve ever been to a drag event that anyone has ever done a transmission swap…EVER. In fact you saying that you can do anything to any car with the right amount of money, just isn’t true. If it were you would see all kinds of gt-four celicas and Subaru sti’s pre-millennial, but you don’t…because not everything is possible…

you believe wat you want to believe bro yes anything can be done with enough money I agree with rebel rob

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