Forza 5 re-install after repair

my xbox one is away tomorrow for repair couple of questions for its return.

1/ when its returned will it be a factory reset or will all my data still be on it if its repairable.

2/ is all my game progress saved on the cloud or is it just on my console

3/ all my purchases are attached to my account not the console?(like my dlc carpacks)

4/ the best way to re-install forza 5 with my vip status intact(take it my paints and tunes are not lost for ever)

I just got a replacement xbox on tuesday, just plug it in load your gamer tag. Pop in forza and start the install, then go to store and if you had VIP/Car pass they will be free to download. I waited til everything was installed before I started playing. It did take about 15-20 mins to sync my forza up, but I still had everything I had before nothing was lost

thanks hopefully its as painless as you make it sound.

  1. They may repair or may send you a replacement.

  2. It is on the cloud but may require a somewhat lengthy resyncing. Forza takes longer than other games I think due to paints and tunes etc

  3. To make sure all works ok before redownloading anything when you get your new console go into settings. On the far left hand side is account stuff. The very bottom one allows you to set the console as your home console. Do that. Make sure it says it is your home console. This ensures that all dlc licenses work on that console, similar to previous license transfers.

  4. AS the previous poster says install Forza and the auto updates but do not start the game. Then redownload car pass and vip if you own them, then all other manual loaded dlc. Then start your game save.