Forza 5 car pass 29.99 this week 10/22/14 (Deals with Gold)

Question is, is it still worth it?

With Forza 6 likely to be available within a year, and my guess that it will have many more cars and tracks included as part of the base game price, it makes buying the F5 car pass now a difficult decision. Yes, I know there is still probably 6-11 months before the next Forza is available, but I am still doing quite well with the cars included in the base game and VIP pack as I just got the game recently. The static crowds also look kinda poor and I assume this will change in F6.

Anyone planning on picking up the car pass this week? Thoughts? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Probably comes down to the enjoyment level you would get out of it and how much that is worth to you. I know for me, buying the car pass way back when made the game a lot more fun for me. Its not that I thought the game was lacking in cars really, but I drive a lot of the DLC cars and consider it money well spent. Many will agree or disagree based on their perspective…

I’ve got the lot and to be honest, I could probably live without 80% of the cars.
The only time it’s mildly annoying is when you are playing in a private lobby and a friend doesn’t have a car that’s been forced for us all to race.
That’s it.
Having said that…
I think it cost me about £100 for the game, vip and car pass and I’ve definitely had my money’s worth out of the game, even with all of it’s shortcomings.

I never bought it. I was holding off till they released the inevitable modern day race car pack. I’m still surprised they dropped most of the race cars and never added more back in with DLC. (now it appears to me that they worked on mostly street cars because they could re-use the models in Horizon 2 where as the race cars would be useless to Horizon development.)

Anyway - There is still nothing I want in the DLC with the exception of the Stingray car pack that I bought and the LaFerrari my kids insisted on. If they want to make it free of course I would download it.

Bought it the other day on sale and happy i did.

I bought the car pack and i noticed i still have to buy the cars with ingame credits or tokens. I read on some sites that there was an update which meant that the cars bought in packs were meant to be automatically transferred to your garage…

So i was wondering if the sites i read were wrong or am i experiencing some sort of bug ?

EDIT: All the cars in the car pack have now marked themselves as free, guess it was just some server delays or something like that :smiley:

I would have bought it if only the packs had completely new cars in them. After Horizon started with the rehash of cars in previous games I kinda gave up on DLC.