Forza 4 - Season Pass and Updating Issues PLEASE HELP

Alright, so last September or so, the season pass for Forza 4 went on sale for $5 on the Xbox store, as well as a lot of other Forza content, and so I jumped on the offer. Forza 4 was my first Forza and has always been my favorite, as I’ve shilled away probably 300+ hours on it (not on this account) but never really had the money for all of the DLC and such and stopped playing the game when I got my first job. Well, the season pass worked for about 2 weeks and it was great even though I hadn’t played much as I was still adapting to civilian life again having just returned from 3 months of basic training with the Army, but suddenly it just ceased. All of the DLC cars, except for Disc 2 content (which I’ve bought individually) and the Porsche Expansion would not show up in the “Buy Cars” area and were not accessible whatsoever. What caused me to notice this was actually that I had taken an in-game photo of a certain Mustang back in 2014 that saved to forzamotorsport gallery and I went back to try and find that same model and it was not present whatsoever, as with many, many other cars. So I tried literally everything I could think of. License transfer, clearing system cache, re-downloading the content, deleting and re-downloading, using another account, smashing my head into the nearest keyboard, everything. Then I noticed that the DLC had been removed from the Xbox store and now the “Extras” section that appears in most games when you press “X” for “details” is completely gone. Also, the game does not prompt for an update when started, even after a system cache clear (which deletes all updates) and after buying a new Xbox 360 with a new hard drive completely. I believe this is the issue. I can’t update the game so it’s as if it were as the game was on launch day. But oddly enough, I’ve spotted 20+ DLC cars in Season Play that I cannot access, such as the SMART for-two, the Suzuki Hill Climb Special (with the mammoth spoiler) and the Maserati 300S. This is infuriating, as I own all Forza games from FM1 to FM6 and both Horizons, and FM4 has always been my favorite.

I’ve been trying to fix this for 9 months now and still no luck. I don’t want a refund. I don’t want free DLC for a new game. I want the complete experience for my favorite racing game. If somehow, somewhere, one of the devs can see this and just make the game update available again, you could help me and 20 others I’ve met in public lobbies that have this issue. You don’t need to re-license the DLC and upload it again. I just need the patch. Or if anyone knows how I can force the game to update or something, please tell me. I’m out of options, out of ideas and I just want my cars. If this issue persists, I’m likely skipping the next Forza games. There’s no reason I should lose the content I rightfully paid to own and I don’t want this to happen to me with future titles. Please help me. Any ideas or references are appreciated.

A Wild Skyline (A.K.A. Mind Of Goats)

I don’t know which forums you are talking about, but the official FM4 forums here at are not closed …

Whatever. Every answer for your questions is inside the #1 and #3 sticky of the FM4 section.


Nope. I know how to use my download history. That’s not the problem. The game simply won’t update and the DLC is inaccessible. Neither of those posts answer my questions or give resolutions to my issue. And forgive me, there was no option for forums prior to Forza 5 on this site. The FM4 and FH1 forums did not appear on the list when I had checked. I’ve done everything in that post time and time again.