FM4 DLC end of life/re-downloading info - see post #1

Forza Motorsport 4 DLC reached end-of-life status in September 2015 and is no longer available to purchase on the marketplace.

How to re-download DLC you purchased prior to September 2015
Forza Motorsport 4 content can be re-downloaded to your Xbox 360, provided you have originally downloaded the content before content reached “end of life” status. To re-download this content, you need to find the content in your Download History. To access your download history:

  1. Sign In on your Xbox 360 dashboard with the profile that purchased the DLC.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Go to Account.
  4. Go to Download History.
    For more information on this, see the following links on the Xbox Support:

It seems enough fans blew up Turn10’s Twitter account :smirk: Hopefully it gets resolved so we can purchase the cars again!

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Oh wow that looks somewhat promising!

Yes. I’ve noticed I cannot purchase tokens. And all the cars now show up as free, but still with no way to purchase or download them. And I was reads to spend real money on Tokens in Forza 4. Just so I can increase my Forza Reward score by 300 points. I only got Forza 4 nine days ago. Mainly to increase my Reward score. I wish now I had picked it up earlier.

Ye, i see this problem, i can’t buy dlc’s :frowning:

Forza Motorsport 4 DLC content has officially reached “end of life” status. This means that this content is no longer available for purchase. However, if you are an FM4 player who has already purchased this content, you will be able to re-download it.

Again without prior announcement and it’s so rude to do that again while experiencing the removal of Forza 3 DLC.


And communication? you should be well placed to know.

Turn 10 really take us for idiots. They leave a lot of expensive DLC, only little reduction and removes without warning.

It’s really nice to leave us half-finished games when we want to play a few years after their marketing!

I intended to buy all extensions of all forza well I do not buy any products Turn 10 !!!

You really take us for idiots !!! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Release an Ultimate Collection version of FM4 with ALL DLCs and unicorns on-disc. Even if you charged $60 you’d still get lots of sales.

Eh, who am I kidding, Turn 10 couldn’t care less…


that would be a brilliant idea, but like you said Turn 10 dont care

After learning a little more about the situation I found out they do care. But Turn 10 can’t break the law to sell DLC that they no longer have the licensing for. I’ll say that again, Turn 10 could be sued by auto companies and track owners if they sold DLC with an expired content license.

Just last week Turn 10 issued a warning that the games on demand version of FH1 and all of FH1’s DLC will be removed from the marketplace October 20th. The licensing for the cars on that game ends on October 20th, so that’s the latest they can sell the game new (used games are exempt because they’re sold by a third party) and any of its DLC. We got a heads up this time, take advantage of it. And if you don’t (not specifically you Panda, just people in general), you can’t complain.

You wanna know something? The season pass can still be bought direct from Microsoft online now.

Ahh, but you can’t get any DLC with that pass, can you?

I don’t know for 100% certain how any of this works, I’m not a legal expert nor a game developer. But it’s my best theory and Turn 10 sure aren’t saying anything about it.

It doesn’t seem so! No extra cars for me even though I had previously installed every car etc from the second disc on original install which I’m lead to believe had all the dlc cars on disc.

As far as I’m aware, no version of FM4 had any DLC on-disc. The Essentials Edition (clever name for “Stripped Down Ripoff Edition”) did exclude all of the base-game-content that the regular version included on disc 2, however. And that “DLC” could formerly be purchased through the marketplace by Essentials Edition owners.

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LOL - for a modern, digital entertainment, information technology company - you guys are absolutely horrible at communication.

…why have an in-game messaging system? …why have an online Forum? …why even bother having an online presence at all?

Also …wounder why folks do not trust digital content distribution? - THIS!


You did not feel sorry, we share all the same feeling of disgust, rage and sadness.

It is rather Turn10 to come here to explain why they have not communicated before removing and present their apologies.

When looking at the message of Brian Ekberg who holds the position of “Forza Community Manager” does not even apologize, gives news a few days later as it was nothing. I find it very regrettable, it does not even bother to answer us with any questions, it’s really not serious.

Anyway this post shows how Turn10 works and acts with its community.

How you say it? how do you understand? How to convince you? please Turn10, put DLC available even if it is only one day … but just that we can complete our game and do not stay with a game with lots of missing pieces.

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Again, just like with FM3? Turn10/MS didn’t learn from last time? Announcing the delisting ahead of time would have garnered some last minute sales at least, especially for the Porsche Pack. I was just missing the last few car packs that weren’t included in the season pass. I’ve been waiting for a sale since they just weren’t worth full price this long into the game’s cycle, but if it was announced they were being delisted I would have picked up at least some with cars I really wanted at the very least.

I know Mechberg is just the messenger and it wasn’t up to him and I’m not blaming him., but not announcing ahead of time is just bad all around. I can guarantee that not announcing the delisting ahead of time cost a few thousand in sales, maybe tens of thousands. Also, it just looks bad when an entity tied in with Microsoft, upon who’s platform this is all run through, can’t give a head’s up that content people will still want is going away, not once, but twice now. Really, three times since FM2 content had a similar fate. Then there was the debacle with FM3 Ultimate codes no longer working after the delisting. Was that ever fixed at least? And there was never a compilation for FM4 so that content is now in no way attainable unlike in FM2.

EA announced when Lord of the Rings content was going to expire and give notice when servers are going to close. Activision gave notice when Marvel Ultimate Alliance content was going to expire. Sega gave warning when Outrun licensing was going to expire. Yet, this happens again. I love all the Forza games and I appreciate the work done on the forums and the games themselves, but this is just bad for business and bad PR.


same here,i was considering purchasing the last few DLC packs just to get the classic british sports cars