Forza 4 online.....Still strong?

As of late I’ve been itching to renew my gold membership(should have never listened to the rumor) so I want to see if people are still going at it online.

I think I hear crickets haha. But yeah, I’m basically wondering the same thing. I posted in the clubs section about 4 hours ago and nothing yet. But I would think there are still some clubs going strong. Not everyone would be able to afford an Xbox One, plus Forza 4 is better than 5, IMHO

Still racing, still painting, still taking pics, still creating race series’! Get in there and there are plenty of Custom Lobbies where the non-crash-monkies live. FM4 is STILL the best Forza, until FM6 debuts in a few weeks. Still the best racer on the 360!

Our club still meeting twice a week… new members still requesting to join!
So yes…still active racing going on in club lobbies…
Get up with us and race anytime!

Well I took the plunge and got gold again…I was not disappointed.

Says a lot about this game that this long into it’s life that it’s online community is still way above average.

This was the last game before they ripped all the features… and content. We’re still going on here, somewhat. Looking at FM6 and hoping they redeem themselves otherwise I’ll be spending even more time on here, or on PC. I made the jump to PC on release of the Xbone, unfortunately Project CARS was awful so this is the only racing game I can enjoy still.

I play FM4 every day. And I don’t have trouble finding a race. There were 16 people in ABC’s multiclass the other day, for example. Cicuit race, A class, I never had a problem to find a race. User created races too. I only hope they keep the servers working for us. I just bought the last car pack that I didn’t have this morning. Always something new to discover from this amazing game. And nothing like a good, clean race with other FM4 fans.

Im actully new to the whole xbox live forza thing, but i just got gold last night and ran my first online race. it was awesome however it was only that single race. Im actively looking for friends on live and forza 4 now, maybe even a drift team or somthing of that nature. Those here who still play F4 im looking forward to meeting and racing as many of you as possible! Feel free to friend me on live too! (as of now there are 3…yes 3 names on my friends list…)

Come to think of it, with the release of 5 and 6, we would have less dirty racers and more proper clean racers correct?


I just bought FM4 again. I had a copy that was severely scratched and wouldn’t play. I want to build my tier rewards points so I’m hoping that their is still a strong following on line.

Hey guys…
Still many active on F4!
Hit me up for info on our club meets… We have members running on F4,5,6… and others too…

At this time we meet 2 times a week . And we run all classes! We have fun runs, series , livery comps etc!

With game winding down, private club racing is where it is at now…

If interested contact me or any of my team for info . Race as guest if you like…

We are a decent club of cool drivers…we keep it clean verbaly and on track! :slight_smile:

I find that the more popular classes are A, S, B in that order. It used to be B, A, S. But yeah full lobbies etc. Think im going to hold on till FM7 comes out. Unless i run into an xbox one deal that i cant pass up.

Hi Ive just refound my love of forza 4 and looking for some online races, unfortunately Iam having no luck finding any, so if anybody is looking set some lobbys Iam up for some race action.
Can’t believe how good a game it is, seems even better than I remember, or maybe it just the horse #rap there giving us these day make you appreciate these jems for what they really are.

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