Are any people still playing FM4 online?

Considering whether or not it would be worth it to get live gold to play FM4 online. I don’t want to buy it only for me to have no-one to play with.

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there are a few I think, a friend has played it, don’t think they’ve finished it - also check TrueAchievements and similar for active players (not me, I don’t have it)

I checked that website. I don’t think it shows any data on active players, some recent forum posts though. I guess I’ll bite the bullet and find out by buying gold. At least CDkeys has a discount.

one thing to look for is a gaming session - here’s one for Motorsport 4, also the achievements have recent winners from among the members of the site so you could look at sending messages

I just threw away a 14-day trial for Game Pass Ultimate, if you like I’ll see if it is at the top of the bin, could dm you the code maybe (I’m in the UK, no idea if that makes a difference)

I bit the bullet and got a gold subscription. No players currently online (or at least hosting), I’ll host a public lobby and see if anyone joins.

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There was some lobbies later. It wouldn’t be on game pass, because of the nature of licensing.

found some - nice

not on game pass, no, but game pass gives you live gold

Still jam offline mode. FM4 is still the best Forza. Rest are shambles

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Id like to get a 360 to live the glory days again, but am severely distraught by the fact that I wont have any of my cars…

Would really like to try it - have an old 360 disc that I could never use as it was bought after the game got delisted and only had a series one S at the time, and never came back on backwards compatible games.

Is it now listed ?

Played FM5, 6 & 7 but never got into them.