Forza 4 horizon 2 and Forza 3 viewinggecko533

Hi moderator. I am wondering if I can play online in Forza 3 and horizon 2 since today I was banned in Forza 4 for reasons of the unknown and never even gave me a valid reason as to why. My s2000 that I bought outright went under review and I have never experienced this. I have 17 Cars in auction house that were up for auction and now I cannot access any online feature. This is truely unfair and unjust. I have been a commited Forza fan since day one and now I get banned for no reason. Could you please tell me why because I seen in a few other post u actually told the person why. Can’t play until November 5th 2034!!! I’m 26 and I do not cheat when it comes to pure racing. Back in October of 2011 it says turn 10 was unbanning people because they werent at fault. Please have mine looked at because my son loves it when I create cars and bid. After all it does have a little effort to help with trading alpha. Viewinggecko533 is my gtag. Forza faithful

Sorry, but the Xbox Live Code of Conduct was violated when you attempted to sell your illegally modified Honda S2000 on the Auction House. The “warning” you request is in the Code, which we allow agree to abide by when we create our Live accounts.

Specifically, with the modifications to the game, as in:

F. Cheating & Tampering

Do not cheat in a game unless the developer has deliberately enabled cheats.
Do not use unauthorized hardware or modifications.
Do not exploit game vulnerabilities or glitches.
Do not make unauthorized modifications to your account profile or its contents, including but not limited to tenure, Avatar, saved games, Gamerscore, or achievements.
Do not intentionally play with someone who is using unauthorized software or methods.
Do not play any illegitimately obtained software or pirated games.
Do not take any action to cause degradation of service for Microsoft or other users, including but not limited to network interference or manipulation.
Do not play a game before it has been authorized for play on the service.

Neither bans nor the enforcement of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct by the developers are discussed on these forums. You may write them at, if you wish.

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