Formula drift dlcs Cars not Free the first time

I downloaded the standard edition of forza horizon 4 which is included in the gamepass. The formula drift pack came also with it. But when I try to get them ingame they cost me 300k each… thought they are free for one time?

Same issue here

Me too, spent 600k yesterday on the two 240sx’s… VIP and the map work just fine. I did get a message about the pack when I logged in this moring but still doesnt say anything about them being free, just purchased.

I’m also having the same problem. My DLC car packs for Forza Horizon 3 worked fine from the auto show. It has to be a bug. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

At least you can get this clusterfuck to run. So pissed right now!

Same problem here. On xbox one. Downloaded the game from Game Pass and got the FD Pack with it. Every car of FD pack is trying to charge 300,000 cr. Where is my free cars? They are not in my garage. I also downloaded “1979 Talbot Sunbeam Lotus” free car dlc and it did let me download firts car for free. Please PG do somthing about this.

Having same issue on PC as well. I also have not received my pre-order bonus car. I ordered from amazon if it makes a difference on how you get it. Not a huge deal but would be nice for this to be resolved soon.