Ford GT at Turn 10

Earlier today, we posted the video of our unboxing of the Ford GT Order Kit. Turn 10 studio manager Alan Hartman is purchasing the new Ford GT and we were among the first to receive the Order Kit, which features color and interior options for Alan’s car – including body paint and stripes, interior materials, as well as wheels and brake options. You can check out more pictures from the unboxing in today’s edition of the Week in Review.

As I said in today’s WIR, we want to take the Forza community along on the journey from ordering to delivery later this year. Best of all, when Alan’s not driving the GT, it will be parked in the lobby of the new Turn 10 HQ, where we’ll be moving in a few months. In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you all: What should the Forza Ford GT look like? What colors options would you pick if the choice was up to you? Got an idea for a great livery? Paint it up and post it to this thread.

Look for more coverage on the Forza Ford GT in the coming months.



I think you should keep the colour quite plain and understated, let the car speak for itself

Maybe keep the car monocromatic

Keeping the pant gloss

Got to have the racing stripes though

Dont want lime green wheels or

Silly red tinted windscreens

and maybe keep the lettering quite small

PS Thanks Alan

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I like everything except the lettering…

My first thought is a non-flashy scheme like the black stripe on grey in the lower right:

But if you want to get creative, it might be cool to have signatures or gamertags all over the car like the original Xbox V8 Supercar

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I reckon chuck on the red with white stripes and black wheels. Have the car stand out a bit more (not like it already does)

@t10biggestandbestboss You are more than welcome to pick the size and font.

I find red with white stripes to be cool so I believe you guys should pick that color for your new Ford GT. Don’t care about which color of the wheels and brakes will be but I’ll bet your new Ford GT will be …how should I say it…great.

In all seriousness, congrats on being picked to receive a car. It speaks volumes on how highly Forzas respected in the automotive world that you managed to trade on the name to score yourself one. Do you think “but I moderate there” will do me any good ?

If your going to let Brian or John drive it for either a Week in Review or a HMA while you ride passenger I would suggest the brown upholstery.



And yes, it does speak major volumes that Alan was one of the chosen.

Turn 10 - You earned it

It is cool that this game company is highly respected now that something like this can happen. Congrats.

I would go for black with white stripe so it is easier to recognize where this car belongs to. Oh and i like the idea of gold rims to contrast with the black, gotta have red brake calipers because race car.

Congratulations, Alan on being selected to purchase the Ford GT!

I went over to Ford’s website and used their Ford GT Configurator. Here’s one possibility I came up with.

Liquid Gray with Ingot Silver stripes. Gloss Carbon fiber trim.
Wheels are the aluminum graphite with titanium lug nuts and red brake calipers.
Stuck with the Dark Energy interior.

This could become quite addicting.

Being the Forza GT, and even though there are many great color schemes I would personally choose (at least for use in-game…), I think blue is mandatory.

The cover car didn’t had stripes, but being the production car, I think white is the color to go. Graphite rims, and the calipers just like the car itself, blue with white inserts.

As for a livery…in a car such as this, specially in real life, I think simple yet effective is the answer. So we can take those stripes in white, and do this:

The logo itself can’t fit within the stripes, since the bottom of the “FM” is higher than the top part, but I think the bottom going outside that bit can look good too.

I think Red with White stripes. One thought I had, though was to maybe match the new space it’ll be parked in?

Congrats on being chosen by the way. I haven’t been around for a long time. Good to see good things happening.


When you get a car like that, my friend, you make the parking space match the car.

I’ve always thought the Ford GT 2017 looked good in Chrome Blue.

Ingot Silver paint
Alloy stripes
Matte Carbon front, sides and back aero
Carbon wheels with matte finish and titanium bolts
Silver brake calipers

Id be cool if you put the horizon race tire livery on the side of the tire, ideally identical to the one ingame. Maybe a couple horizon edition badges around the car as well.

I like yellow with the darkest wheels.

Congratulations on being chosen Alan! I bet you were jumping around the room when you found out you were selected. :wink: To start off there’s quite a few options I’ve seen in the reveal video that looks pretty nice. If I was the owner I would wrap the whole vehicle in something crazy since Brian did take that jab at the anime (Itasha) community. :wink:

Since this vehicle will have a second home at the studio then I think we should do a simple modification to the vehicle and not go overly crazy on the wrap. This could also make some nice PR for the studio if you guys did slightly wrap the vehicle. The idea I had would mainly be modifying the factory stripes. The color scheme I think we should do is Liquid Blue with Frozen White stripes, that combo just feels so mandatory due to the cover vehicle being blue for Motorsport 6. For interior I would select Re-Entry to go along the white theme of the stripes. Personally I would choose Dark Energy, but even the in-game vehicle model shows the Re-Entry interior and it fits the theme pretty well. The rim finish will be up to you Alan. I’m more of a dark rim kind of person so I would most likely aim towards Gloss Black, but Graphite with Black lug nuts could do the trick with Silver brake calipers.

Now to the main point on where I want to get at. The idea I have is to place the Forza logo exactly at this angle with the Forza Motorsport font going along the same stripe. The other stripe with the Xbox logo will have a special cut in the factory stripe to give it a more unique vibe.

Over to the rear of the vehicle you’ll happen to see another Xbox logo on the spoiler. I think this would at least give the rear-end something to look at and it will match the other Xbox logo in the front. I’ve tried to place a number 10 somewhere on this layout, but nothing really seems right to me. I have thought about placing a number 10 somewhere down on the rear fender. Pretty similar to how Skreamies had his number 10 in the Twitter post that he tagged you in. Other than that location I’ve decided to just add the Turn 10 Studios text to the stripe on the hood.

Optional: I think this will also be the perfect chance to add some type of Forza tire lettering to the wheels. It will add a bit more white to the vehicle and this could go hand to hand with the Horizon Edition style tires in Horizon 3. Although… if you did choose silver rims then the tire lettering will be mixing too many bright colors together honestly.


To wrap up the exact options on this build.

  • Liquid Blue base with Frozen White stripes
  • Front, Rear, and Side Lowers Finish - Gloss Carbon Fiber
  • Graphite with Black Lug Nuts
  • Silver Brake Calipers
  • Interior - Re-Entry



In the end, I do hope something sweet does come out of the community to be placed on the Ford GT. If you want to take a closer look at this design then I have them shared under my gamertag for Forza Motorsport 6 and Forza Horizon 3.

Gamertag: DJ Lime
File name: Forza Edition GT
Keywords: DJKS Forza Motorsport Edition Ford GT



Really great execution! Found out that the stripes are actually painted (Good News!) now I need to convince them it is a good idea to let me customize them.


Glad you like it Alan. That’s also great news that you’ve found the answer for your stripe question. By any chance you also happen to know what model number you’re going to be getting when it rolls off the assembly line? It might be too early, but I’m just a bit curious. =)