Ford F450 MODS

I’d just like to say it’s nice that you guys put the Ford F450 in the game. Few suggestions about issues I’ve noticed after driving it for 5 minutes. It sounds nothing like a turbo diesel. The mods for the engine are not realistic at all. For the air intake system, you should be able to do a cold air intake, or a full piping kit. For the exhaust side, there should be an egr/ dpf delete option. That’s what actually happens when you make more power IRL. The fuel system upgrades should be things like performance CP4 or 100% over injectors. It’s not uncommon to see compound turbos or even triple turbos on the 6.7L.These are basic mods for a 6.7 powerstroke diesel and I wish you would have done more research before just making the mods the exact same as any other vehicle in the game but with a lower rpm range. I’m glad it was put in the game, but honestly, Do Better. Thanks.


If you haven’t figured it out by now, they aren’t “car people” at all. Half of the stuff you just said would go right over their heads.