Diesel car/truck sounds

Apart from the big trucks like the Unimog and #24 racing truck, I feel the the diesel sounds for pickup trucks like the F-450 Super or the Hummer H1 Alpha are not realistic. The OEM engines in the game sound like basic low-revving V8’s. The sounds the H1 Alpha had in FH3 and FH4 were much better in comparison, so its hard to see where the devs messed them up so badly. I believe listening to the older versions might need to be done just to make sure you got it in the ball park and add more turbo whistle and ‘Stustustu’ with it to seal the diesel package. Come on devs, lets see some action that isnt recycled crap.

I think going forward diesels need to be better represented, not just with audio.



I would love to see more trucks in the game.

More importantly, realistic diesel sounds and turbo noises! My dad owns a diesel truck and I love that deep roar and rattle of the engine, the turbo when you let off the pedal at high RPMs, and the whistling of the turbo when accelerating. The Deberti F250 is the closest to a real diesel that I’ve found. I would like this to be in the future.


Another thing that would be awesome is if there was an option to roll coal. We have anti-lag turbos, why can’t we have performance chips? It would also be nice to change the exhaust pipe to different locations, like put stacks on a truck or put the pipe through the hood.

Just a suggestion. :grinning:
I doubt it will happen, though.