For ALL wheel users... the forza 6 drifting struggle

Forza 6 has been a great experience when it comes to your typical circuit racing modes. However i can’t say the same when it comes to drifting. I’ve been drifting an active drifter ever since forza 4 and i can say with confidence that I’m an experienced wheel drifter. I’m not the best wheel drifter but I am better than average. my current setup is the thrustmaster tx with t3pa pedals. The first time i tried drifting on forza 6, i realized the cars had a lot of oversteer, FFB was weak and counter steering on the wheel was irresponsive. so i made the following changes: rumble off, changed vibration scale to 50, changed wheel rotation to 540, removed the +6% grip mod and bumped up the FFB to 100. however, it still didn’t help. no matter what how quick i tried to counter steer manually, the car would always spin out due to oversteer and lack of responsiveness of the FFB to countersteer. personally, i think its forza 6 and the new engine that it is running on. i came to this conclusion because i played i used my wheel to play forza horizon 2 and my wheel worked just fine. while i was playing FH2, my wheel was responsive and worked the way it was supposed to even under 900 degrees of rotation. i still have high hopes for this games because I’m a huge fan of the Forza series. i hope a patch is coming soon to fix this problem and other problems the game has. AND for those wheel users who are experiencing the same thing, you’re not the only ones experiencing this. don’t worry, your wheel is not broken. its the game. BUT it is understandable that there are problems due to the fact that it is running on a new engine and games always have some problems after their launch.


I have no problems drifting with my TX :slight_smile: turn off the simulation steering because that is far from what it should be, normal works WAY better.

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Glad to hear that, I am thinking about getting that wheel in the near future.

Just got to adapt to the settings. Developer said in the FM6 discussion post that the feedback code is new, and said the game works great. I came to the conclusion that it’s not getting fixed. Lol still scratching my head to why the change the coding again.

Yup the force feedback is diabolical. Should spin with the wheels as you transition but instead you have to fight through the lumpy mess they call force feedback and manually turn the wheel yourself. It’s reduced most to using 270 degrees when drifting.

And not to mention the bugs where your wheel decides it wants to turn left all the time or just has no force feedback at all, forcing you to go back to the Xbox Home screen or unplug the wheel to fix it.

What a shambles.

I was thinking more about this last night and wondered if the “Turning car lovers into gamers and gamers into car lovers” motto neglects the rest of the community who aren’t new comers and want to invest in the simulation aspect to the game. Would explain the wheel bugs and poor FFB.

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Grudas, unless you’re trying to drift with 900 degrees of rotation then I won’t believe you. It’s impossible for wheel drifters to drift at this rotation on forza 6. However, if you’re running 270 degrees, then yeah it is possible to drift decently. But what’s the point of having a thrustmaster tx for the Xbox one if you can’t use all 900 degrees of rotation and functional FFB?..


Hey waz’up tropical same problem here and the bad thing i’m not used too 270,540 degree i just dnt like it. This game are made for controller user that why you have a bunch of ppl saying the game it good cuz they run in controller and i hate when they says turn down your wheel degree to 270 or 540 and for that i just turn off my wheel and connect the controller lol any ways i still on 900° just try to get used to it. We need a patch for wheel user dnt be lazy Turn10!!!

I have A problem where my rotation setting varies from offline to online.
I set my wheel (G920) to 270 deg in offline, but every race online It switches back to 900,
And i cannot change it ! :\
Does anyone know how to make the settings consistent from offline to online races ?

Go to wheel and control settings, press x for advanced settings and change degree of rotation to pref settings

Go to wheel and control settings, press x for advanced settings and change degree of rotation to pref settings

I can assure you I have done this as to why , it functions on 270 in career mode,
Any Ideas how to adjust it so it stays at 270 for online races ? Or is everyone else wheel working fine online ?

I have the same problem with mine im glad im not the only person with this problem with the 920 its quite frankly annoying bc im trying to adjust to a wheel in general

No there’s is quite a lot of people having this problem. It’s really put me off playing to be honest

The issue with the wheel settings changing is pretty well documentd at this point. Hopefully t10 gets it sorted asap.

Hey to all my fellow logitec g920 users i have found a semi fix to the 900 deg reset online if you dont already use 900 settings its pretty simple

  1. unplug your wheel
  2. unplug tour controller
  3. plug your wheel back in
  4. plug your controller back in.

I know it sounds really simple and what not but hopefully this helps as much as possible

love my cheap ass wheel lol

Ugh, the issues with using a wheel in this game are absolutely infuriating. 13 laps into a 25 lap race in my racing group’s scheduled event, the wheel decides it wants to turn left constantly. Finishing half the race having to fight to keep the wheel straight every time you shift, brake, or even breathe becomes a real chore. That bug is absolutely ridiculous. It used to only happen at the start of a race, but now it is happening mid race. What gives?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy they fixed the issue of button mapping going full derp when you try to connect a controller for voice chat… but when they get all the bugs ironed out for wheel users, I’ll be much happier.

Phantom mine is doing the same thing and yup I have the latest firmware. Some people say that they are not having issues with the tx wheel but unfortunately I am. I do a lot of the rivals challenges and it gets on my nerves to have to restart to reset the hard left glitch. I know for a fact its not my wheel but it has to be the game. I experienced similar issues playing F1 2013 on the xbox 360. I played a hours and hours of F1 2010 and it never never happened. It would be nice to focus on racing but I am always making adjustments to the wheel which is frustrating.

Ive resorted to using stock tires when drifting in FM6 on the wheel, as the issue seems to stem from the higher grip given with the sports tires. When I am driving with stock tires, my G920 wheel is acting as it should. For the most part anyway.

S13 inertia drifting with 900° on stock tires

It wont be competitive for tandem drifting though, unless the whole community swaps over to using the same tires.

Nice… Need to try stock tyres Asap… Are they stock tyre with? Would be Nice to get something to work with 900 DOR…

That is the odd thing, I was able to upgrade the widths, just not the compound. But the S13 doesnt really have a lot in the way of width upgrades. Either way, T10 need to really look into this. Changing the tire compounds, should not stop the steering wheel from self rotating.

One thing I did note while doing that run in the S13, I was able to hold a 50mph+ slide through the last part of the tandem section. Which is about as fast as I used to take it on FM5 and FM4 with sport tires while tandeming with friends. It just makes the whole thing very odd.